Biden Sends Troops BACK To Somalia – Reversing Trump Withdrawal

Donald Trump pulled U.S. troops out of Somalia, concluding the evacuation on his last day in office, but now Joe Biden is reversing that decision, and plans to send as many as 1,000 American soldiers back into Somalia, ostensibly to deal with the terrorist threat posed by the Al Qaeda-aligned al-Shabaab.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger wonder what ever happened to the Biden who promised to end our “forever wars” on the campaign trail.

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  1. Imagine if Liberals didn’t have a foaming at the mouth hatred for Trump and actually had looked at him logically. Trump was actually a really good President.

  2. "Its another way to funnel military industrial complex money to the military industrial complex. It's not about helping the people of Somalia" The dirty secret about military intervention after WW2 is any help or relief the people we claim to be doing it for is incidental. Just a happy dovetail of what makes money for elites just happening to help the poor.

  3. because U.S want control HOA .
    U.S supporting TPLF terrorist group in Ethiopia in order to control HOA.
    the real terrorist is in white house!
    the U.S desire of being super power all over the world killing many human being. any conflict and civil war around the world affiliate by U.S . HOA, middle East, Asia and now eastern Europe. soon or later U.S will pay back for this all innocent lives.

  4. Republicans are not at all anti-war. This has got to be Jimmy's dumbest take. Trump increased drone strikes in Africa and removed any red tape which lead to over 300% increase civilian casualties. Stop your right wing pandering Jimmy. its getting pathetic.

  5. I would assume that it has something to do with breaking up the alliance between Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. My understanding is that they have had a little bit closer ties with Russia and China as of late and the US has to stop it for their own personal interests. Of course the military industrial complex as well. That plays a role in everything this country does abroad.

  6. I think it's about the control of what is called the Africa's horn. This would allow USA, to export to Europe the gas that they need (Because of the war in Ucraine, that probably USA gov. promoted) , throgh the Guardafui's shipping channel… among other things probably

  7. Somalia has several mineral resources, including uranium. They also have natural gas. However, uranium based nuclear power is probably not going to make a come back, and producing natural gas in a war torn country will be a nightmare. I suspect the main "natural resources" of Somalia are the destabilizing effect on its neighbors, easily controllable government, and potential as a military base.

  8. Sending money to Ukraine to start a nuclear war with Russia ? Is this what the leftists have come down to ? I can imagine Jimmy Dore in 1941 saying we should leave Hitler take all of Europe so not to make him mad.

  9. Libyans , Afghans , Syrians , Somalians , Iraqis , Vietnamese , etc American crime has no boundaries , and no consequence , which is frustrating , and sad .

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