Biden Set To Effectively Surrender Ukraine To Russia, Admin Foreign Policy DESTROYS Biden Approval

Biden Set To Effectively Surrender Ukraine To Russia, Admin Foreign Policy DESTROYS Biden Approval. The democrat’s foreign policy failures have precipitated a collapsing approval rating.

While it may be necessary to avoid ground conflict with Russia, considering Biden’s past dealings with Ukraine its hard to believe these are noble decisions. Earlier in the year Biden waived sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline. Many called this a major prize for Vladimir Putin.

Media in the meantime is working overtime to cover up a failing economy, inflation, and Biden’s sinking approval.

On a personal note I really want to praise the move to distance the US from war in Europe but considering the aforementioned failures its hard to see this as a good move on Biden’s part.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. So Biden whom is tied up in a Ukrainian scandal is telling Ukraine to give up portions of its land….

    Hypothetical conversation:

    Biden – "now if you don't give me all the evidence relating towards our illegal dealings we won't give you any military support against Russia."

  2. Well, this is disappointing. I've been watching your show for ages now and it is very sad to hear that Tim Pool supports abandoning Eastern Europe to Russia. "Putin is probably not going to invade West so fuck the eastern European countries who dug themselves up from the mud and are begging for help".
    I'm from Georgia, the Ignored part in this discussion. We lost 20% of our land to Russia, now America is giftwrapping Crimea to Russia. Do you think they will stop? First putin invades Georgia to see Wests reaction, sees the weak response and invades Ukraine, sees absolute failure and now knows that All the Eastern block and former Soviet states are up for grabs, because "MR Leaders of the free world" is a joke and free meant without worth and not liberty.
    A total joke, "not our problem" right? You bomb everyone weak enough with your freedom drones, but when Eastern European nations come to you and ask you for help against Oppression, you bombard us with empty promises and when time comes you abandon us. that's what your freedom is worth, you love it as long as its free, but when the time comes to pay and help your "friends" you build a wall around your shrinking world.
    in the end remember "isolationism is the death of empires".

  3. As ethnically Ukrainian/Russian, naturalized American citizen, my hatred for the Democrats and their puppet cannot be understated.
    The more I learned of Ukraine's history as I grew up, the more I hate that foreign powers keep ravaging a land that wants nothing to do with them. I hate everything that keeps adding to that bloody history.

  4. Brandon wants America to fall apart and it's obvious. Ive never been much for conspiracies. Alex Jones has always been a joke to me. Starting to question it all now… I honestly think the plan is a 3rd world war to give an excuse to make a one world order government. Can't figure out what the motivation is otherwise.

  5. The problem is that everyone is hoping for 2024, but this administration has destroyed the USA in less than a year and the most incredible thing is that people are OK with this, just as long they keep consuming Netflix and being paid to stay at home and don't peek outside

  6. Russia in it's current form is geostrategically vulnerable. Essentially russia wants to restore it's soviet borders. In order to do that Russia wants to annex all of Ukraine in order to press against the carpathian mountain range. That would allow Russia to be able to concentrate their forces as apposed to having their forces stretched thin along the expanse of the European plain.

    Russia sees the territory the separatists in donbas and in other regions of Eastern Ukraine as a buffer to protect the volgagrad gap, which is a strip of land in the south of russia that if a foreign power were able to breach would effectively flank the Russian heartland and bring the country to it's knees.

    All of russia's actions in Ukraine is to secure the safety of its heartland in the west. This is why Putin when talking about the fall of Soviet Union said it was the greatest geopolitical disaster in history, Not because of the fall of communism but because of the geostrategic vulnerabilities that were the result.

  7. The best and fastest way to get the real leader back in the Whitehouse is Matt Gaetz's idea. He said we vote/appoint Donald Trump in as Speaker Of The House, impeach the two losers there now and Trump will replace the former VP and the former Senator. FJB!!!

  8. In our ignorance we have forgotten the lessons from the past. Before World War II Hitler gathered his troops and invaded the Sudetenland to bring together the ethnic Germans there. The world powers at that time let Hitler take land from another sovereign country in hopes to avoid conflict. At the same time the US kept an isolationist mentality and claimed “those problems are happening in Europe, it’s none of our business.” And Hitler kept taking more land while the world powers tried to avoid any conflict until the dam busted and the entire world was thrust into World War II. The problem was, Hitler’s goal was never to have just enough space for his people, it never is. If you give the aggressor what they want they keep coming back for more because they know you will not say no in hopes of delaying any kind of conflict. What is happening in Ukraine effects our allies and it effects us. In trying to avoid a conflict now we are just delaying another major world conflict that will not be easy for us by any means. The past has shown that giving in to an aggressor’s demands does not do any good and they will keep on demanding. How is it fair to Ukraine that they have to lose land because their neighbor demands? A hard no to Russia and a backbone from allying states is what is needed for a start.

  9. Ethnic Russians in Donbass, Ukraine have already been given Russian Citizenship, and the leaders in Donbass are all now members of United Russia, Putin's political party in Russia. United Russia is the largest party in Russia, and as of 2021 it holds 326 of the 450 seats in the State Duma. Donbass is Russian, according to the 2014 Minsk agreement signed by Ukraine, and hammered out by representatives in the EU. We just didn't hear about it from our corporate media.

  10. Most of the Ukraine issue has been caused by Western powers sleazily meddling in Eastern affairs for the past 1/2 to 3/4 of a century. They have even subverted and co-opted different Patriarchates and Metropolitanates of the Eastern Orthodox Church to push their own agendas through.

    What's more, those reporting on these event have very short attention spans and a lack of long-term historical memory, whereas those intimately involved in these issues have historical memories that span over a millennium, and all that history still has bearing on the things being done and said today.

    To oversimply the matter, we could say the whole conflict can be summed up as being between Westernized modernists (backed by Western money and power), with no historical ties or awareness, over and against the Eastern traditionalists wanting to preserve and restore their unique culture and identity.

  11. You need to read your European history before you spout nonsense. Eastern Ukraine to the Dniper is peopled by ethnic Russians, not Ukrainians who are confined as a nation to the western area bordering Poland and Czech both of which countries have historic claims on the area. Like Kosovo Ukraine is a country with an ethnic divide so what is the difference between Nato splitting off Kosova from Serbia without a referendum in Serbia and Russia taking back its historical territory in Eastern Ukraine. In the not too distant future maybe Mexico will want to take back Callifornia and have the backing of China to do so; The US is too fond of sticking its undemocratic nose into other countries affairs and nothing good has ever come of it and now you need to understand you are no longer the dominant world power you once were that could bully everyone else. Russia has now outflanked Nato in the Mediterranean and split Turkey off from the aliance, has superior weapons to the US and their dominance over energy supplies to the EU has cooled the Nato members ardour for war. So demented Joe and his neocons who started the whole Ukraine with their backing of the neo-nazi Maiden coup against a democratically elected President and Government of Ukraine for corrupt purposes can huff and puff all they like but it will not change the situation on the ground that without Russian money from the gas pipeline transitting Ukraine the country is both bankrupt and without energy supplies and both the IMF and EU are not going to put more money into Ukraine for Biden and his crew to steal like they did the missing $5 billion put in by the IMF, US and EU under the Biden- rule there. Obama

  12. Let's just let Russia and Ukraine figure it out themselves.. Can we please get back to focus on ousting Biden, regaining energy independence, reversing inflation and eliminating dependence on China for vital resources? These are the problems that actually threat US, and Russia is NOT one of them. Moreover Russia has no interest in being aggressive on Ukraine territory for the simple reason that half the people living there are tightly related to and/or friends with people in Russia. If anybody has been the aggressor and persecutor in all this it is the Ukrainian government against its own citizens, and sadly with the help of our arms and money and support. Please let's not be stupid about world history to our own detriment. If we stop meddling in Ukraine, low and behold the conflicts there will cease. Guaranteed.

  13. How do you surrender something that isn't yours? Aside from being the most corrupt country on earth, the only notable thing Ukraine has done since becoming a country for the first time in history, in 1991, is start a civil war against their own people.

  14. This USA versus Russia thing is really an outdated, false dichotomy from the archaic Cold War era. Russia are not your ideological enemy, at all. And the Russia-Ukrainian situation is in fact, politically complex, layered and multifaceted. Involving yourself via foreign policy is like Russia interfering in the political separation between Florida and DC of late. And yes, Ukraine which is literally Russian for "frontier territory" (traditionally called "the Ukraine" or "the Frontier" and only became "Ukraine" as a national identity in the post Soviet), was in fact a Russian state insomuch as the eastern region particularly. However it is a truth that the western Ukraine has a rich and unique Mediterranean history, whilst the eastern Ukraine is distinctly and traditionally Russian-Donbass historically, which is like Tartars and Mongols and Islamic state and Russian independence. Ukrainian cities like Kharkov ethnically consider themselves fully Russian, effectively a Russian industrial complex located in the Frontier territory or the Ukraine. Meanwhile western Ukraine would align their heritage variously Mediterranean, central European and Nordic with some central Asia mixed in. There is almost as much cultural separation there as traditionally between Russia and Georgia, viewing themselves of completely different and often oppositional cultural heritage from different corners of world history. Not so much eastern Ukraine. So there's that. And a lot more involved.

    And it is true the US primary ideological enemy as far as a conservative appreciation of culture and the Constitution are involved is unquestionably China and the progressive-Marxist movements sweeping across western Europe and attempting to infect US infrastructure. The relationship with Russia isn't anything like this. Putin is definitely not a Marxist, in fact he's become quite conservative but within inevitable fiefdoms persisting from the Soviet disintegration he has his own political battles to prevent Soviet resurgence in some corners, unbridled corruption in others, it is unfortunate and necessary he must wield a velvet fist in his own quarters but he wants nothing more than Russia to become a recognised, capitalist free society based in common values among the world community with Europe and the US among it, as good friends with common goals and classically liberal beliefs. But classical liberalism is under threat in the west, it's on shaky ground in the east and has never existed in Asia, so it's all just way too easy for political antagonists to come in and tear the whole house down hoping when all the smoke clears there's just a big Stalinist regime with purple hair and correct pronouns throwing people in prison for being unvaccinated or speaking violent words like objective science. Putin is as much against that as Trump is.

    Point being Russia isn't your ideological enemy, China yes it is, North Korean regime is a blight on humanity, in fact western Europe is more like the old Soviets these days than Russia. But it isn't without serious problems and isn't out of the woods yet, still Putin isn't a Party Chairman of a totalitarian communism and he genuinely cares most of all about the future of his country in all sincerity and determination, he's not a moron and knows what a bad political system looks like and desires a good political system in an objective sense. Getting there is the real trick and I think anyone who hasn't grown up in Russia and has a high IQ and a huge wealth of varied experience in Russia is really in a position to say they know so much better what it's all about than Putin himself and he is the boogeyman of a 50s Cold War propaganda piece. Fact is there are some Old Guard communists still in high positions in the military districts which had defaulted to autonomous fiefdoms back in the 90s, there are some predatory industrialists which became a virtual oligarchy through this period and economically control entire regions, truth is just to maintain a national coherence Putin is put in very difficult positions where the decisions maybe forced and foreign to outside views but these all relate within Russian territorial interests and ethnic populations, you do not see Putin's soldiers invading Estonia or Hungary to bring them back under foreign control, whilst their involvement in the Middle East is as complicated as persisting western involvement there. They're not like the Soviets anymore. Grow up America, let it go.

    That said I'm sure he's not perfect, but I've a good idea of character and watched a bit of Putin for a long while, been very interested in Russian affairs since the 90s and have some interesting stories. As a human being I've a lot of respect for him. Wouldn't say I trust anyone until I know them personally, but there are a lot worse looking national leaders out there, in fact Biden is far and away, much worse. Australian leaders are almost full Stalinist and so are most of the parliamentary nations these days and certainly the Leftist-social movement. Pot, meet kettle.

  15. You don’t need to be a nationalist to be against one world government. UN is shit, EU is shit, and the US federal government is shit. Why would we want more of that?

  16. Biden is weak and Russia knows that. He is weaker than Carter and that is saying something. If boots were on the ground, Russia would back off. If Trump was in office and he said boots would be sent in, Russia would back off.

  17. No discernable reason to waive sanctions on Nordstream Pipeline? Hunter got millions from the wife of the mayor of Moscow (a close Putin ally). That transaction is not in dispute. We don't know about other transactions, other than Hunter sitting on the board of a Burisma, a Ukrainian company which may lean towards Russia. Think there might be leverage there? Maybe that's why Russia feels emboldened? Same with China, the only entity other than Hunter which knows exactly what happened during that trip on Air Force 2. Maybe that's why China feels emboldened. Why do we pretend this is mysterious?

  18. Search: Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault; The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin Imagine if the USSR never collapsed and the Warsaw Pact was still around, and instead it was the US that disintegrated with states seceding and Nato that broke apart. Now imagine that Texas had left the Union and was holding elections for the Texas presidency between one candidate who wanted Texas to join the Warsaw Pact and another who wanted to return to the Union and the pro return to the Union candidate won, so then the USSR stages a violent coup and overthrows the duly elected government and installs the pro-Warsaw Pact candidate. That is exactly what the CIA under Biden, Obama and the globalist war pigs did in the Ukraine.

  19. You mean you can make profit by selling weapons. America always in wars illegal ones at that. You think putin isn't 10 steps ahead? He knew trump would be out he saw Biden and said I got this

  20. Everything that is happening is happening for a reason. There are no mistakes or mishaps of any kind. Planning for the world is done
    to the most extreme of perfections. Why the plebs are speculating is only because the plebs don't have, or never will have, access
    to the inner workings of the elites.

  21. I loathe Liberals precisely for their cowardice nothing good comes from it.Their efforts go towards spin not coherent policy.That said the Ukraine is complex and more of an administrative construct that is leftover from the USSR days.definitely there are areas that are Russian within the Ukraine so it is not so cut and dried as the undereducated media presents.

  22. china can have afghanistan ,,,,,,,………but the ukrainians should not be thrown under the bus to the russians……..tim pool there will be violence if ukraine is invaded by russia…or what was it you called it …cede……and biden couldnt solve anything , just make it worse….and russian seperatives are terrorist and i didnt think the USA gave in to terrorists…we dont need to put boots on the ground….President Trump for 2024

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