Biden Set To Give Ukraine ARMED DRONES Capable Of Striking Russia | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar break down the military’s cyber operations in the Ukraine war and the lethal armed drones being sent to Ukraine capable of striking Russia and gathering crucial intelligence

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Kristin Eberhard:

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  1. Overreact much to Biden’s comments?? “There will be severe consequences” doesn’t mean a retaliation with our own Nukes. Stop with the fear mongering. You guys are the modern media the only differences is you are populist with not as good of set. You guys are a bunch of crying babies lately

  2. Russian air defences appear to have chewed through two batches of Turkish TB-2 drones already, they should find these ones easier targets if anything so I really don't regard it as an escalation myself. RQ-170s might be.

  3. It will never fail that the American government and its war machine will continue to do whatever it can to be in perpetual war. The military-industrial complex is the only thing that matters right now. Representatives and our POS POTUS care less about the American people and the wellbeing of the USA but would argue otherwise by saying that supporting the war in Ukraine and other conflicts is in the best interest of the USA. This is by far a load of crap since America foots the bill for almost every conflict with little support from the NATO countries. I agreed with Trump when he was in office and basically charging NATO for the USA being the main ones to support them militarily.

  4. Back in the 80s stinger anti-air manpads were able to identify friendly and enemy helicopters not allowing the operator to shoot at friendly helicoptors, no doubt the US could or has implemented something like this with the weapons leased to Ukraine, or the US could state it will pull support from Ukraine if they see evidence of offensive operations onto Russia with US military gear.

  5. 8:08 No, it wasn't only because of Kennedy we survived the Cuban Missile Crisis. He actually would have gotten us all killed if it wasn't for Vasily Arkhipov, but Kennedy was a liberal who got assassinated so we all have to pretend like he was some great leader and not a trust fund baby whose Hitler-loving bootlegger daddy bought every election he ever ran in.

  6. You guys might want to try to get author Ken Follett on to talk about his latest novel "Never". It's about how easy it is to slip into a nuclear war even if all sides don't really want to. Truly frightening stuff and an excellent read

  7. It sure seems like Biden wants the USA to go to war. I don't understand why people are so tied to Ukraine?? They are not in NATO!! They didn't pay the fee to be in our gang so why get involved?? I'm lost 😭 someone please explain this to me

  8. Sky News is extremely unreliable. This is a click bait thumbnail and unless you can explain this further, this doesn't improve your credibility AT ALL. 😡

  9. Those are basically Predator Drones (like those used in Afghanistan) and they would be remotely flown by AMERICANS…AGAINST Russia. That sounds like war to me…!

  10. We either give the Ukrainians the weapons now to stop the Russians, or we’ll be fighting them when they hit Poland. I’d rather not lose GI’s if we don’t have to.

  11. drones worry me..especially with how the controllers loom like xbox controllers and the games and scenarios on the games my kids play on the xbox are the exact situations goin on now.. and it is scary these kids are bein desensotized to violence

  12. One of the biggest reasons I could never vote for a Democrat it's because democrats care more about people around the world than they do our own country. They have no problem giving arms and weapons it is to Ukraine but they want to take weapons away from the United States citizens. It makes absolutely no sense! How can you tell me a citizen of the United States That we want the Ukrainians to be able to defend themselves but we don't want American citizens the right to defend themselves?

  13. putin said somethin interesting in his megan kelly interview.. the united states owns the internet and controls it.. other countries can be more strict with it amongst their population basically but the united states can make it look like theres hackers allover when its really them and usually is think the govt doesnt have access to every aspect of the internet is silly..

  14. congress will up the package 😄 congress can say no😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

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