Biden shares his personal experience.

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  1. interesting how he makes this thing w/o any mention of the diary, the laptop or those videoes of women and little girls cringing when near or being touched by him…

  2. Yup. He was a truck driver, worked in the coal mines, etc. etc. He also helped negotiate the end of the six day war in Israel, even though he was still in school. Oh well, who cares about the details. This man is either very ill or a pathological liar. In either case, he is a danger to our country. The real problem is look who is next in line, Kamala. Mayor Browns favorite ………………..

  3. As a retired Combat vet of OIF/OEF and im still very much at the ready these days, but God forbid a WW3 cause I will not deploy for this joke of a leader…. now if we have a "Red Dawn" situation im ready to defend my soil at all cost….

  4. This is utter BS, our border is being inundated with sex traffic, rape and death; and he does nothing to stop this; and yet he wants to lecture us on morality issues when the court system is
    giving rapist light sentences or even probation. SMH

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