Biden SLAMMED By Union For Lying And Claiming They Endorsed Him When They Endorsed TRUMP

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Written by Timcast

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  1. The Hunter story is looking more and more fake so they need something new to go after him for. October no surprise. The Boilermakers are an international brotherhood so it’s no surprise if one local sect does not support Biden. Here in PA the Teamsters union does back Biden.

  2. I just looked timcast on google and everything was up there on top. They said you were a political commentator, but left out the fact you are an investigative journalist.

  3. "trump is being backed by small donors"
    meanwhile Sheldon Adelson just gave him $75 million
    Biden is a train wreck but lets not pretend Trump is one of us.

  4. When you are a thief you are naturally a liar as well. I'm sorry by thief I mean sell outs of the American people. Getting rich through back room deals with foreign business's. It is the same thing to me but unlike Biden I want to be accurate. Still no denial from the Biden Camp! Hunters Emails are real, the Laptop is legit. There strategy is don't talk about it and hope it goes away. Thanks to the media and censorship online this is actually a plausible strategy. I hope you are ready for a country in which leaders are not held accountable and no one dares question them.

  5. He is the LIAR of the year, and the funniest part is, he thinks he's being honest. He's so lost, he literally forgets he's running for PRESIDENT. I'm Joe look me over. if you don't like me vote for the other Joe. I'm running for US Senate. Jill, is my sisters husband, LOOK FAT, don't be a DOG faced PONY soldier!! Let's do push-ups.

  6. The best part about this isn't Biden lied because what else is new but that the union members freaked out about it thinking their union reps had betrayed them for Biden

    "Listen to the experts"
    "No not those ones"

  7. Yet my union (United Assoc. of Plumbers & Steamfitters) has thrown its weight behind Biden (of course). In fact, this month's entire UA Journal is dedicated to telling us who to vote for, in praise of Biden and smearing Trump, fellating Team Blue and dumping on Team Red as usual.

  8. The irony in all this is; Twitter and Facebook are sealing their own fate. Should the left ever get a permanent hold on power – social media will be the first to get squashed. The far left will never take the chance of social media doing to them what they are doing now. They are the useful idiots…

  9. Biden: I swear the Boiler Maker Union supported me. At least they did when I was trippin with Hunter while smoking crack. Come on Maaaaan. If you aint smoking crack; you aint got back. That means you aint BOOTYLISHES!!! MAAAAN I'm a styling hip old Moe-foe.