Biden SLAMMED For Calling Trump Supporters “Ugly Folks” And “Chumps” But Does Anyone Care?

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  1. Bernie was given his fifth house as a bribe for dropping out in 2008 I think. He wouldn’t be a millionaire for making a million dollars in a book, if he paid taxes on it….. ahem.

  2. Who is Derek Hunter quoting at 3:07? Or is he just making fun of what he thinks Biden is probably thinking? I couldn't tell if that's supposedly what Biden actually said, or what.

  3. Trump and Biden are very similar in personality however Trump doesn't lie, he may exaggerate but he doesn't lie, and Trump actually has bite to his bark. No one, globally, are fearful of Biden, he's just a corrupt pushover. Trump has forced other countries to respect us again. I'm glad we are not a doormat anymore. Global leaders respect our power now and we are no longer the laughingstock of NATO.

  4. Ahem… I'm voting for Trump, in part, because I dislike Biden's personality and temperament more than I dislike Trump's. I voted for Johnson in 2016. If I didn't like Trump's record over the past four years, I'd still likely be voting for Trump because I dislike Biden so much. I hold Biden in as much disregard as Hillary Clinton. I like his running mate even less.

  5. The media hates Trump because he goes after the actual people in power. Biden, Hillary, etc go after the voters. Do they not know how elections work? You have to get people from all sides to vote for you.

  6. What's upsetting, look at a USA map, 90% of it can be colored red and republican, whole states red. Yet, a few tiny blue smudges on the coast's, and thats enough to win a presidency. Just feels like a big FU to the rest of the country. I understand how the system works, it just the optics of it seams goofy,, and explaining to my young son, yes just about the whole map is painted red, blue can still win,,, gets the little guy all fired up.,, Today he shot back at me, dad all that land gotta be worth something.. good point I say, I agree, he smiled back, gripped up his helmet and been dirt biking past few hours… In the rain, mud stuck to everything,, love that kid

  7. If the right does 1% of what the left does Or does something at any given moment that they do every day they act appalled. It so dumb and completely hypocritical. They have no ability for introspection.

  8. Funny tim how you don't think it's right for them to show up and have a civil protest something you tell the right they need to do more often and stand up for themselves .

  9. Democrat politicians have a real fetish for attacking non Democrat voters. Republican politicians at least try and sway more votes. But why try as a Democrat when you can cheat and have the media in your pocket. You’d think such soulles and uncaring politicians would have much less of a voter base

  10. And Bernie drives like a 400k Mercedes. Eff off Bernie. But honestly, I never listen to ANYBODY in WA or sports for how to live my life or what to believe in. Not a sheep.
    Government just keep my country safe, shrink a little, and let us Americans work n make money and enjoy our hookers n cocaine ✊

  11. Collectivists view the world in terms of groups, so they insult groups of people. Individualists view the world in terms of people, so they directly insult people. The former is evil, the latter is just.

  12. If that Chinese whistle blower was real or truthful at all.
    He said china gets the politians young. Trump wasn't ever a politian. So thats why they didn't get him and now he has his own strength and knows when its a helpful loan to take over you.

  13. "Ugly folks" and "chumps" don't carry the same weight or meaning as being called "deplorable" – or "bitter clingers," for that matter. I don't really care what this demented old man has to say about anything.

  14. Yeah, this stuff has become daytime soap opera level drama. Over acting, boring, just dumb and one can't help but feel like I wish I could get back that time I just wasted on this swill.

  15. Biden matters. Voting for Biden puts the reigns of power of the most powerful country in history into the hands of Kamala Harris, who was so loathed by her own party's voters that she was forced to drop out of the primaries due to an almost a complete lack of support from them.

    Remember when politicians tried to woo new voters to their cause rather than drive them away?

  16. Well, at least Trump is funnier. If you have nothing else to help you decide, consider that good humor makes the world a better place. So it's better to have a funny president, and make politics a little bit lighter.

  17. Bernie Sanders: "We're gonna become the party of the working class by continuing to print money and handing it out to people who don't work, devaluing the savings of people who do work!"
    This fucking guy…