Biden SLAMMED Over Failed Economy And Supply Chain As Inflations Hits INSANE 7% And Stores Run EMPTY

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  1. Well if you have 100 demands and 90 supply, then there's little demand… But if you have 100 demand and 30 supply, then you have HIGH DEMAND.. simple logic yet they think they can fool us

  2. I'm a manager at a grocery store in a wealthy ski resort town out west.
    A meat cutter at our store advised me to stock up on meat / chicken that he knew I bought. He said this TWICE.
    I see what he was saying : I buy 1.5 chicken breast packaged. The price DOUBLED in one day….from Tuesday to today. My butcher co-worker said it's only just beginning.
    Also….Kroger stores in Colorado , known as King Soopers , have gone on strike. 8000 employees affected. Most , not all , stores affected.
    Colorado residents take note , it's going to be hell trying to find what you need.

  3. The words in the average “news” story are worthless today. They are valuable ONLY if their source can be trusted and today the sources of many stories have no reason to be trusted because they have BLATENTLY and OPENLY lied so much in the recent past. When the CDC, FBI, and military can no longer be trusted, there’s not much left upon which to base any faith in our government.

  4. Tuskegee experiment wikipedia. Federal reserve owns america rothschilds own federal reserve. Federal reserve is a scam presidents are selected not elected all elections are rigged nearly all presidents are freemasons research albert pike. All wars and problems are created by the satanic jesuit freemasons. Do youre own research. Jacob rothschild is behind all of it. He is mr burns in the Simpsons

  5. I live in MD, I work at a wholesale grocer that many in the north east would know. We've been getting supply issues for a while now. Meats, cheeses, milk, seafood, and a bunch of basic essentials are all in short supply. Chicken is absolutely hit or miss on supply. One case that I needed to stock in the meat department has easily 30-40 different products in it. I was able to restock maybe 12 of them, and most of that was hot dogs. About a month ago I saw a notice that my manager left around. It was basically saying don't take large orders of products from customers on a bunch of pork, beef, and lamb products because they could not promise that everything would be available.

  6. Timmy. When people start buying as much as they can, as soon as they can in fear of price increases, it creates more inflation. Getting rid of cash for goods in anticipation of price increases is one of the circular hells of inflation.

  7. for some plz understand and ive worked in these areas. if your store still has stock thats because of allocations. if your store is somewhere in the boonies you have a bigger chance not getting stock. the distribution centers call the shots of truck drivers and where they can deliver. if your walmart or smiths doesnt get stocked then count that store as one of the chosen to be left high and dry. the centers will allocate shorter distances to maximize profit and empty the warehouses faster. this happened last year when the store i worked at was told the 2 trucks coming to deliver were called back to california to redirect goods to a closer store. thats just how it works

  8. Tim, im a farmer. It was the worst C0inkiedink I ever saw ! Corn. Soy, potatoes. Beef, chicken. Pork, sheep dhurm. Oats. 0ranges, central valley, Idaho, Maine. North Dakota, Montana. You couldn't plan all this. THEN China bought all rest !

  9. I've seen the price of rib eye from BJ's wholesaler in NH go from $30 to $50. I can eat that cost, and I can go without eating rib eye as well, but my god I know plenty of people that can't handle the price increases.

  10. in my local popular food market (Market Basket) the area in the produce section that hold bagged lettuces was filled with crouton packages to fill the space, there were hardly any vegetables in the produce section. funny thing is this store is in the Latin part of town where a lot of people who live there came from south american communists countries. its getting to look a lot like what they fled from

  11. 2 years ago chick starter was in the 11-12 per 50lb now it 19-20 per same 50lb then layer mash which use to be around 8-9 is now 14-15. When those of us that pay attention to thing see this we know there will be no chicken, beef or pork in the next 6-12 months as folks stop hatching and start filling their own freezers and give up on farming. Good luck getting eggs and chicken in the stores and feel luck if you can find small farmers trying to keep going and don’t get ticked if your dozen eggs cost you 6-8 dollars

  12. There is a massive trucking shortage going on, as well as price increases for trucks, trailers, forklifts, and parts. For example, the company I work for bought a used 2018 Kenworth day cab last year for $33,000, that same truck now runs at just over 90K. A brand new Volvo sleeper cost upwards of $284,000. A 2005 Great Dane van trailer was 6k and is now 22K . Combine that with a lot of older drivers retiring because of covid and lockdowns, and you get fewer drivers. Now, there are more foreign immigrant drivers, mostly from Eastern Europe and India, who have a whole different and more argumentative and price gouger way of doing business. It all piles up, and now there is a shortage of trucks, and freight rate prices increased to almost five times what they were before covid.

  13. How about the no pasta or sausage where I am, those thing were NEVER out before the supply.chain issue. Even when people were buying out stores near the beginning of Covid these were not sold out now there hasn't been any for days??? The government would rather bury their heads than deal with the damage they themselves caused.

  14. Hey Tim, just admit that living in a state governed by republican policies is vastly superior to living under democrat policies.

    First step is admitting.

  15. The number 1 and 2 producers of tomatoes are China in Xinjiang and Mexico, the government are sanctioning them and preventing imports. The bullshit cold War against China and bullying Mexico are responsible for the lack of tomatoes on shelves.

  16. I live in s.e. Ohio in a small town called Logan and our Kroger is usually well stocked but there are a few items that just diapeared and if you ask they can't answer why. Good thing there's meat and crops grown all around us or we would be like Los Angeles or New York when it really gets bad

  17. Maybe they should pay truck drivers a decent wage, check out the pay of otr drivers especially company drivers and it's not worth it so they have a huge turn over

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