Biden SNAPS At Reporter For Literally QUOTING HIM… Joe Claims “He Never Said That”, LIAR!


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  1. anyone besides me notice that the after "shadow banned, blah blah blah roll the tape" part, the next one minute is all that is needed. Anything that Liberal hivemind guy says during the video is TOTALLY UNEEDED (and redundant) totally! well, unless this guys believes the audience is retarded and needs to have it translated. this guys tells you what you are going to see, he explains it while you are watching it, then tells you what you've seen and says the same things that he says in similar videos. I go on here see what liberal hivemind has as big stories and then go research it anywhere else. it is a good channel if it is used as basic reference, a list of the days news, to be investigated elsewhere. I'm not making that up or being an idiot, i come here first thing, there are the stories, thanks lets go look ……..elsewhere. Please tell me that there is someone, anyone in these comments (before the gatekeeper edits this comment out) that knows exactly what I mean. There has to be one person in here smart enough to see this channel as a …………….table of contents, reference, whatever. I know that there are people who are smart enough not to use this as a main source of news. god i hope not! ok, liberal hivemind, guy, most likely peeping (in a hoody, unshaven, unkept, something cylindrical in his mouth) through the window of a bedroom a window behind which, is a group of seven year old girls, all with downs syndrome, having a sleepover, its time to get rid of this message! Hurry the helll up!

  2. Let's make it clear i'm no joe biden fan. But I am a big believer in what is fair is fair. If there were ukrainian soldiers in poland at that time being trained by americans. Joe biden said he was addressing them not our US troops that were doing the training. If this is the case then it is understandable.

  3. How ironic that Biden says no one like Putin should ever be in power in any country!! Ok Joe, take your self out of power and do our country a big favor!! You are so lost in your own world of Biden fog, your brain is totally scrambled and you don't have a clue from one minute to the next what you said!! I don't believe for one minute that you are the most experienced foreign policy person that has ever been in the office of president!! Just can't be possible. The Democratic party is in such a sad state of affairs when they considered you the "best of worst" they had to offer for the president of the United States during the last election.

  4. AOC did the same stunt saying the world is going to end in 12 years due to climate change if we don't do the green new deal. . She was ridiculed, then said anyone who believed her has the I.Q. of a sponge. Lots of Democrat sponges out there. Brandon's counting on it.

  5. Person, politician, it doesn’t matter. A lying, scheming, corrupt politician is still a lying, scheming, corrupt PERSON. No honor, no ethics, no morals. And f*kin Lindsey Graham is NO better… they ALL gotta go.

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