Biden SNAPS At Reporter Over Low Poll Numbers

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dropping faster than the President himself when he tries to ride a bike. So what does he do when a reporter asks him how he feels about, say, the fact that more than half of Democrats would like to see a different presidential candidate in 2024? Not well, it turns out, as a recent video suggests, showing Biden snapping at the reporter in question and citing a different poll indicating that 92 percent of Democrats say they will vote for him again in 2024 – but only if the other option is Trump.

Jimmy and show producer Malcolm Fleschner discuss Biden’s inability to control his anger and confusion over the results of two polls that addressed completely different questions.

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  1. И что мы видим? Байден уехал в Саудовскую Аравию, договариваться за нефть. А цена, все равно на топливо в Америке выросла. Зачем ездил?

  2. So you can be certain there's a Democrat who's pushing hard for a Trump re-run, because that's all they have now. If it's someone else like Desantis it's Bye-bye

  3. How did the "Most popular president in history" become someone that 64% of HIS OWN voters want out?? These are the people Im supposed to want to run the country? A bunch of bi-polar back stabbers?? Talk about flip flopping on the entire country. JOE HES OUT MAN!!!….months go by…..WE WANT HIM OUT!!! Good Grief!! Get it together people.

  4. Democrats will pretty much reliably always vote for whoever the democrat nominee is…likewise for republicans….that doesn't mean that they want YOU to be the democrat or republican that they're voting for.

  5. Joe Biden will go down in history as the worst president of the USA. I've never seen so much go completely wrong so quickly for any administration. Jimmy Carter was terrible too but even he's not as bad. The truth is as much as people say they didn't like Donald Trump they all realize he was the better choice. I hope we can all get through this era of embarrassment with as little damage as possible and be blessed with better leadership after 2024. God Bless you all and Let's go Brandon. 🇺🇸

  6. They can do another switcheroo at the which shell is the p under primary. A little campaign embezzling to go slumming. A weapons deal because it's been some weeks

  7. My dad is 79 and he's sharp as a tack. Joe isn't just old, he is mentally impaired. I mean, sure my dad is old but he can still form complete sentences. However, I can't say the same for 'ol Joe.

  8. That 96% of Dems saying that they'd vote for him if Trump runs, makes me literally want to vote for Trump. No exaggeration. And I don't believe any of them, or the corrupt electoral system AT ALL. But Dems are the most infuriatingly regarded people in the world. I HATE MSM. I haven't watched it in over a decade. But whenever I see it in passing it's worse than I remembered it. It makes me wonder how people can buy that sh*t in 2022. It's beyond fake, it's insulting.

    Also Jimmy needs a break/vacation fast I think. A few times lately I've seen him ignore guest jokes and speed through material way too fast. Then again, maybe all the things happening around the world are simply beating us all down a little. Please take a breather soon Jimmy! From someone who's been watching you since before 2016, you deserve it!!!

  9. Magically he's very stable and his "dementia" evaporates when he is challenged on his BS by actual anti authoritarians. Just like when he was being a piece of crap during the primary. His dementia is all an act, he's the same scumbag he's always been.

  10. Here we see Mr. Biden shattering the three tenets of liberalism:
    – Failure to treat reporters as pillars of democracy.
    – Provision of misinformation relating to the democratic process.
    – Raising his voice in anger.

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