Biden Staffer Outed As Associate Of SUPER Racist Troll Hacker Group, Leftists PANIC Over Association

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  1. Being a conservative is like being part of the lgbtq community fifty years ago lol, gays are finding it harder to come out as conservatives as they did coming out as being gay!!!

  2. 'I am white and racist ergo all other whites must be like me'
    'I am constantly going on about the environment but I cannot walk the walk, all other whites must be like me'
    'I have done blackface 3 times in my life ergo other whites must have also done this'
    'I need the government to clamp down on whites to solve the above'

  3. Nothing surprises me from the left. Nothing. They say nothing as Burn Loot and Murder minions do nothing but destroy and ruin people's property and lives. Fuck em.

  4. Maybe this person was vetted and didn't think this was going to come out or they thought it didn't matter.
    Why is it that these leftist politicians have extremist staffers? If a candidate has extremist staffers wouldn't that move the candidate's needle to the more extreme side?
    Meanwhile candidates on the right don't seem to have this problem. Why is that?

  5. Of course staffers and employees are part of the rioting and hacking and trolling. It's no big revelation. We just need for them to keep making mistakes and outing themselves.

  6. No Tim, you haven’t really changed… the party has changed. For myself, I still think Bill Clinton was a pretty good president (personal behaviors aside). Bush was NEVER an option for me personally. But now, the democrats have gone INSANE. I can’t even see eye to eyes with any of them remotely, even Andrew yang and his UBI proposal. The democrats have left us behind, not the other way around.

  7. In europe we have this expresion "If you're not left wing in your youth then you have no heart. If you're not right wing in your adulthood then you have no brain"

  8. So…. The DNC hires a hacker to head Biden’s “Cyber Security” and you think the story is about cancel culture??

    Cmon Tim… Use your brain ?

  9. "We didn't know." Like the germans in the small towna right next to the concentration camps didn't know, despite the inmates working in factories and on fields.