Biden STUMBLE All Over Himself. Then The Media Claims Its The GREATEST Presidential Performance Ever


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  1. THIS JUST IN: UNDERCOVER CLASS FOR PRESS CONFERENCE: The young journalists were put through a training class on how to communicate with convalescents. They performed well, good course! Convalescent home used to be the White House.

  2. If Americans get to know all of this information with out manipulation Trump will be the president forever ??. Liberal hive mind is the best . Thank you

  3. ??sorry,I choked on “moral , decent man” and was unable to finish my reply! This has to be the biggest scam in history! Why is everyone just letting this happen? The country is being destroyed by those managing this shell of a man ,it is a complete farce! you will have nothing left to save if you wait till the next election!

  4. 3:00 that question from that fat black linebacker reporter is the most smug and leading question that I have ever heard in my life. I hopr that people saw through that, but they probably didn't. Our country is f*cked. We need the Earth to open up and swallow DC and California.

  5. Wanted: Looking for someone to run for president in 2024. Person needs to be able to read a teleprompter and do what he/she is told. Apply at the DNC. Also low I.Q. would be helpful.