Biden ‘Stupid Bastards’ Comment Goes Viral

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  1. Didn’t Trump just say soldiers who died in war were losers — and that military leaders want wars to make their rich friends wealthier? Shouldn’t the right-wing Uber-Patriots be screaming at HIM non-stop from their safe-spaces ?

  2. the only time talking to someone like that is fine is when they are your buddies. this was incredibly disrespectful. it just shows how arrogant he is and how he thinks hes above everyone else.

  3. Buttigieg is an example of that old-school over-rehearsed style trying to remain relevant. And Beto too, but he tried to play to both extremes. Rhythm like Obama, but remember when he skateboarded onstage at a rally and used naughty language in debates? Ridiculous.

  4. When Kamala was joking around with Obama about what Biden likes to eat, or other fun stuff… that's also relatable. So there was no need of hitting them with how they were "pandering"…