Biden SUED For Ordering Social Media Platforms To Silence Critics

The Biden administration is being sued by Republican state attorneys general for allegedly colluding with social media platforms to violate individuals’ first amendment rights. And there’s plenty of evidence that this is precisely what happened, whether in emails sent from the White House directing Instagram to remove a parody Anthony Fauci website or Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki telling reporters that the White House was routinely alerting social media outlets to “problematic” posts.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the cozy relationship existing between the Biden White House and certain social media companies.

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  1. People are being way to nice in comments. Conspiring with Facebook to undermine a political opponent, censor opposition and deceive the public should be public execution.

  2. Why Republicans don't go after this FBI people to question them to confess the truth? It's there Zuckerberg confessions publicly so they can't lie now. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are threat to security not Trump.

  3. Notes from Europe: This is happening everywhere. Here in the UK our former Culture Secretary, Nadine 'Kiss Boris' Ring' Dorries, said something very similar to Psaki there, only with a wide grin which betrayed her glee.

    "We have regular meetings with all social media platforms in order to combat disinformation and make sure harmful posts and accounts are removed *giggle*"

  4. What is the point of a verification process if sites still ban fake accounts? A user will know its fake because it's not verified. Parody accounts are 1st ammendment protected.

  5. People cheering seem to not understand that power changes hands. What happens when this relationship is already so streamlined when a Republican gets elected and start censoring thing like Abortion Rights as misinformation? How are such large swaths of people so shortsighted?

  6. Psaki is no better than the black lesbian they have now, they just can't seem to answer questions without looking down at their notes! I'm not a republican but Mcenany could talk without her book being on the podium! Maybe she had a better memory than the doofus Democrats.

  7. And they say the right wing is destroying democracy. So if the parties flipped like the dems claim it makes them right wing and they are correct with the right wing is destroying democracy

  8. Let's remember how fast social media took down that video of Pelosi when she complained about the slowed down vid making her slur sound drunk. Something social media & establishment media do similar Trump videos all the time

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