Biden Supporters Can’t Think Of A Single Thing He’s Proposed

This week, former Vice President Joe Biden accepted the Democratic presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention and helped lay out the party’s 2020 platform.

The platform, which includes “free” college tuition, student loan debt forgiveness, and a litany of other far-left demands, was hailed as the most progressive ever. Wanting to know what students thought of the plan, and whether they could think of a single proposal within the plank that belonged to Biden himself, Campus Reform headed to George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The students there struggled to think of a part of the Democrat platform that had Biden’s fingerprints on it.

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Written by Campus Reform


  1. aoc and the green deal? do you know how much of your money will go to that? take a look at your bank account, divide that by half, next year they will want more so you have to divide that by half again and again now you have the green deal and your walking to work , me im retired ill watch all you green people walking by my house to go to work while i drink my coffee , yes i planned for this i have a lot of coffee

  2. If you believe Warren, Sanders and AOC are the direction this country is going….you need to be going to another country. It sounds like Venezuela is looking for people that support Marxism.

  3. Well, these people are surprisingly more informed than the people usually interviewed on Campus Reform. They at least have the sense that there's nothing substantive to Biden himself.

  4. Love the girl at the end! “To me it sounds like pandering, just saying things people want to hear but never attempting to make thinks happen”. Reminds me of fifth grade elections vote for me pizza on Fridays and soda and the drinking fountains. I’m impressed she figured it out at this young age unfortunately she is rare. I love comment Aoc is the face of the party! Lol stupid and ignorant clueless socialist. That comment is why the voting age needs to be 25+.

  5. "im daily on his platform and still dont know his agenda" what more proofs you need that he have no agenda ?
    and cr you missed a great oportunity – you should ask them for trumps agenda at same time.