Biden TAKES LEAD In PA And GA, GOP Files CRIMINAL Referral Over Voter Fraud, The Nightmare Continues

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  1. house delegation is the house breaking up into groups, one for each state made up of the delegates of that state. they decide who their state is going to vote for, with 1 vote per state.

  2. Bill barr will do nothing. Rudy G. would get more done. Wonder why rudy wasnt made attorney general. Bill bar has done nothing since he has been AG to stop any fraud. Sure he has come out to say trump was spied on and did no wrong but has not prosecuted any of the perpetrators. And never will. His durham investigation was nothing mors than giving us the false sense they were investigating it.

  3. 8:53 I TOLD you! All the way back in June. I told you we wouldn't see Civil War because people are too fat and lazy but we will see violence akin to The Troubles. Hence why I dubbed it "The American Troubles".
    Lock and Load people, Stock up and keep your powder dry.

  4. November 29th truckers are parking their trucks. We are ready for the Civil War stop switch hitting grow a spine. Trump already won this this election Joe cheated.

  5. One would think that it was impossible in the 21st century for an election to be won by fraud, but nonetheless it is the impression of the US presidential election 2020. The examples of election fraud are numerous:
    – Democrats abolished the requirement that people could only vote if they could present a valid ID,
    – The Democrats also abolished the requirement to check whether a signature originates from the person who had the right to vote.
    – In some cases, voters who have been dead for decades have risen from the grave and voted
    – In other cases, voters who wanted to vote on election day were denied this because someone else had stolen their identity and voted instead.
    – On election night, Democrats stopped the counting of votes in a number of states, with Trump clearly leading. Subsequently, counting continued without the designated Republicans being able to controll it.
    – By these late counts appeared, suddenly, piles of votes for Joe Biden without anyone apparently voting for Trump. But even in the most high-blue areas, registered Republicans count 15-25% of the electorate. It is simply impossible that such massive unambiguous choices have taken place.
    – Arizona was declared in favor of Biden long before all the votes were counted.

    There are two things to note in this regard:
    – all the above examples of electoral fraud have been committed in areas controlled by Democratic tellers
    – in several states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, Trump was massively ahead when the election fraud began. And now they claim that Joe won them all?
    – In Arizona, thousands of votes from high-red areas were missing to be counted. Nevada was completely missing.

    We will hardly ever know what the result really was. But with the one-sided massive election fraud that has taken place – and note at a time when Trump was about to win re-election – there is for me no doubt that a Democratic president (Biden) in this election can have no legitimacy . In addition, the election fraud is simply too massive. We would have to go to Soviet-era Eastern Europe to find something similar.

    This is a disgrace.

  6. It's time to start fighting these protestors. They wanna riot for George Floyd, fine. That's nothing compared to supporting anti-democratic fascism. Time for us to grow a backbone and fight. I mean literally, physically.

  7. I understand Tim's restraint on his true feelings 😀 many others are preparing for this unfortunate transition of power but any intelligent American can see who is the best man to run this country at this very crucial time. The passion of the American people will not be silenced. The origins of this country will not allow it.

  8. What ever happens in the supreme courts, remember ,Trump will still be there fighting for us at evey angle .
    Democrats are lunatics tim, as you have stated many times.
    give me one piece of evidence Trump has done nothing for the country or people, yes people
    Now give me evidence that the democrats have done nothing for the democrat people.
    and as for the replublican people were just deplorable racists to them dems.

  9. “unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.” Joe Biden

  10. I keep hearing about how the voting machine software in these states was supplied by some Pelosi cronies. I heard some wild story about a radioactive isotope on the real ballots that will help distinguish the real ballots from the fake ones. It all makes my head spin

  11. There's hardcore cheating going on in PA cuz there's people with murals of President Trump in their front yard only place you see Biden signs is on the highway

  12. Tim the word wanton is pronounced want-uhn (like HONey), not want-on (like you turn a laptop ON). You’ve mispronounced it three times in the last two months or so and it’s killing me.

  13. Pre-amendment, state legislatures chose the states' senators, but by the time the amendment was proposed and enacted most states' legislatures had already delegated that authority to their voters, so it didn't change much.

    That doesn't mean that I think it was a good idea; I still think it was preferable for the state governments to have representatives in DC and that lack has facilitated the continued side-lining of state governments. Not that state governments are all great, but unless they're California, Texas or New York they can't usually screw up the entire country on their own.

  14. There was apparently a "glitch" in the systems used to count votes in several counties in multiple states and this "glitch" just so happened to "miscount" votes for Trump as votes for Biden… Just a "glitch"…