Biden Team PANICS As Dems Doubt He Can Run Again | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the most recent reports about how Democratic Party insiders and those on the Biden campaign team have tried to reassure themselves that Biden will run again

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  1. Start to panic? They have been in Panic Mode since Old Joe Pooped the Bed. . . the Boarder. … Aganistand… his pants…. pretty much every personal appearence and "END QUOTE" telepromter Pooping. I has been a literal $#!t SHOW!

  2. They had to say this since they were asked if he was going to run again-we all know that his mental decline and health make it doubtful that he will last much longer before Kamala will need to step in, The Dems will NOT get Arizona again.

  3. the Democrat Playbook seems to be waiting for 2 years and 1 day. Then President Brain-Dead steps down, and "PrEsIdEnT yAsS QwEeN" can finish out his term, run as an incumbent and still be able to run a second term. Basically the Kamala Reign where America implodes due to upwards failure.

  4. It's funny how they say team. What they really mean is the team lost control of their Puppet.
    I'm sure he will try to run, he can't wait to get out of the office and hang out.
    What will he say? to get a vote? Same thing as last time where nothing became fact?
    At least Trump did what he wanted to do. I just don't understand why the dems want all the immigrants to jump the wall and not fill out the paper work and apply to get in. You know how it used to be. You don't see anybody from China jumping the wall? wonder why?
    stay well

  5. Ever since the democrats stole the nomination, I have been waiting to vote against those Ba$tards. I don't care who the democrats run, I will vote against them. SCrew the democrats! Oh, almost forgot about Kamala. If that witch runs, I will send the money that I was sending Bernie Sanders to the republicans. Screw the democrats!

  6. Is this a joke? Him running again? Farting man, will be running to his grave where he belongs. America has stooped so low in past few decades evident from the quality of her presidents.

  7. Biden couldn't even beat Trump with his numbers. I'm tired of this lesser evil BS, there's plenty of good folks on either side of the isle: they are the ones not backed by crazies, legacy families, or "third way" opportunists. You only hear about them on the news when they sell out or there's a chance to destroy them.

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