Biden Threatens Mexico Over Oil!

The Mexican government controls the Mexican oil industry through Pemex, a state-owned enterprise, and subsidizes energy to reduce the cost to average Mexicans. But that doesn’t help International fossil fuel conglomerates like Exxon and Chevron, so the Biden administration is preparing to slap tariffs on Mexico in order for force President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to bring gas prices up and in line with what the American companies charge.

Jimmy and The Dive host Jackson Hinkle discuss public ownership of energy companies and whether this threat is the US’s response to AMLO’s snub of Biden over the recent Americas Summit.

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  1. Mexico should really consider building that border wall to keep American fuel refugees out. Perhaps Mexico can get USA to pay that wall. Is there like some Americans moving to Mexico because apartments are also cheaper even though Mexico is considered dangerous place because violent crimes or so they claim.

  2. The 1st thing I think of when I hear this is how I once thought that Trump was alienating America from the rest of the world. Well, Trump was a RANK AMATEUR when it comes to alienating every other country. America is gonna find itself standing all alone in about half a minute. And it will have been our own fault! 😭

  3. Tax breaks aren't subsidies. Subsidies, by definition, are payouts. A payout and a tax break aren't the same thing. Taxes imposed on corporations are paid by those who buy their product.

  4. Why do progressives like Jimmy Dore ALWAYS conflate tax incentives, tax cuts, and tax breaks to SUBSIDIES??? They do it all the fuckin’ time!! Do they really, truly, wholeheartedly believe that? Or do they know they’re lying to their fans? I hate that shit so much. The Government taking tax payer money and giving it to someone else is a SUBSIDY! Allowing businesses or corporation’s to keep more of the money they’ve EARNED, by drilling,extracting, capping, shipping, refining, and selling oil is not a fucking subsidy! Progressives HAVE TO CHANGE words and definitions all the time to propagandize young people to believe socialism will ever work!!! Makes my blood boil!!! 😡

  5. Past Mexican president Calderon went to work for Iberdrola a Spanish energy company with some of the highest electricity cost in Europe which AMLO is trying to avoid in Mexico.

  6. If we review US intervention through war and sanctions we see a pretty clear pattern of targetting nations that have or are seeking to nationalize resources to benefit its people over the interests of US vampires. How many billions have we spent/wasted for the sole benefit of big oil and other mineral extractors/hoarders.

  7. Wait….what….allowing unfettered reign by drug cartels while "looking out for his people!?! Get a clue Jimmie! Biden is an idiot and Mexico is as corrupt (if not more) than the current administration. Wise up.

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