Biden Threatens Vaccine Mandate For Domestic Travel

Tim, Luke, and Lydia join Claremont Institute Lincoln Fellow and host of the High Noon with Inez Stepman podcast to break down Joe Biden’s most recent threats concerning Covid.

Guest: Inez Stepman
@InezFeltscher (Twitter)
Podcast: High Noon with Inez Stepman

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. One question. If this is organic at all, how did I tell my family to prepare for this exact situation? The first day of lockdown, which I completely ignored, I said passports and forced were coming.

  2. At the height of Corona numbers in America only 10% we're testing positive.
    Today, in England with a highly vaccinated population living under mask mandates, the positivity rate for covid is over 50%!!!!

    While it is possible that vaccines help reduce severe disease, the evidence is clear that it is not reducing the spread.
    Therefore there is no legitimate argument for forcing vaccinations.

  3. Tim, the easiest way to put it is if the vaccines effect people who don't want to get it in any negative way that is pushed by the government, it violates the code. Force is being involved.

  4. Hello from Canada, where unless you've got the new vaccine passport with the QR code that says you're TRIPLE dosed, you cannot board a plane or train, even domestically!

    And it's hell. Please, kick your president to the curb, annex Canada and liberate us from the clown who has an awful lot of power for a minority government "leader." Please.

  5. Consent =/= Informed Consent. When the truth of the dangers of the vaccine come out, all of the little "consent forms" people have been signing will turn into trash. The public has been fully and deliberately decieved regarding the "vaccines" and if there's any hope for the future of humanity, there will be a reckoning and the likely/obvious basis would be the Nuremberg Code.

  6. Screw long term studies. The government shouldn’t be able to make me put something in my body, especially something they created in such a short amount of time AND natural immunity. If you’ve had covid you really should be immune to all the bullshit for real. The case for havibg natural immunity needs to be pushed way more

  7. The force is real people. We, as a group, can stop him and his puppeteers. Fauci tried to change the definition of G of F research behind everyone’s backs, I see Biden is giving a try at changing the definition of coercion.

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