Biden Threatens War With China Over Taiwan

In keeping with his now-familiar practice of bumbling the country into dangerous foreign policy positions, Joe Biden stated at a press conference in Japan that the United States would engage militarily in the defense of Taiwan if China were to invade. Whether a gaffe or not, this saber-rattling will no doubt concern the Chinese and lead us ever-closer to a potential direct conflict with this nuclear armed power.

Jimmy, along with The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, discusses Biden’s tendency to “misspeak” in ways that lead the nation ever-closer to war.

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  1. Taiwan is not a part of China and has not been for quite sometime now ..anti war stances are good but rolling over for brutal dictatorships like the CCP is not great either … Taiwan is not Ukriane …

  2. We've promised Taiwan military protection since ww2. Are you advocating we abandon that promise? Taiwan is a sovereign nation that is a shining example of democracy. To abandon our promise to them and let China take them over would be disgraceful.

  3. biden's China policy is the same as Trump's, and Trump will be back in 30 months. The difference between the two is that under Trump,, America will be more ready to meet the challenge.

  4. Biden. “The U.S. is no longer an economic superpower; it can only intervene decisively in global affairs by force of arms and military intimidation.” America is trying to break Russia and then go after China. America's world order?.

  5. Beijing (aka., people's republic of China, PRC) does not directly control Taiwan. However, in Taiwan's constitution (aka, The Republic if China, RPC), Taiwan is only one of 30 provinces of China, and one of the stated goal in the constitution is to reunify the entire China in their terms, that is, to reconquer 29 provinces in the mainland lost to the communists before 1950.

    The two governments were locked in a civil war, competing for the full control of the entire China, even as they entered an informal ceasefire for a long time before 90s. In the early 90s, the two agreed to work under a single sovereignty (one China), formally stop kinetic fighting, enable personal and economic exchange, essentially putting the civil war aside for the time being.

    But the independence movement started trending in the late 90s, and soon became the most popular slogan to gather votes for the current ruling party in Taiwan from younger generations who did not experience the hot civil war. Shifting the blames of social economic issues to mainland forbidding Taiwan's independence is the most used tactics in Taiwan's elections nowadays.

    So far, Taiwan, aka the Republic of China, hasn't alter the constitution, it is still a province of China and the goal is to reconquer the mainland.

  6. Even if Taiwan wasn't, same as Hong Kong, China is the biggest force in that area. If US stepped in it'd be a forever deployment. It is just swapping your lord of you are Taiwan, or Hong Kong. The amount of $$$ and lived to hold those areas against China astronomical. Same with Ukraine. Russia biggest dog in that yard let them have all of Ukraine. Our involvement is only costing more civilian lives for what is inevitable. (Also, love weekend at Bernie's.)

  7. That 88 percent quote is nonsense. The pro China party got smashed in the last election by the dpp. People are probably in favor of not rocking the boat by formally declaring independence if that's what the statistic was referring to. Young people in Taiwan want nothing to do with Beijing. I've lived in Taiwan for over 20 years and it's obvious to see.

  8. Taiwan is not beholden to Beijing sorry but Jackson is completely wrong. Technically the civil war and conflict are "on going " but Taipei does not answer to Beijing which equals to not being governed by the CCP.

  9. Uhh…I think Jackson is slightly confused. China and Taiwan actually agree there is only one China and that Taiwan is just a province of China. The difference is they disagree on who rules China–Beijing (PRC) or Taipei (ROC). The ROC even has a flag for the province of Taiwan as opposed to the flag of the ROC. Many citizens of ROC don't even know this. However, Taipei does not officially need or get Beijing's approval for how to govern the island like Jackson seemed to imply.

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