Biden To Hike Medicare Premiums & Funnel Profits To Private Insurers

It’s an election year, so it might come as a surprise to learn that Joe Biden is taking this opportunity to deny Medicare recipients a promised rate cut and instead funnel additional funds to private insurers. Yet that is precisely what the President has planned to do, likely as part of the long-term plan to entirely privatize Medicare – just the thing to satisfy the health insurance companies and other healthcare industry interests that have funneled millions of dollars to Biden over the years.

Jimmy and his panelists, The People’s Party’s Nick Brana, The Dive host Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss Biden’s crackerjack plan to piss off seniors just before an election.

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  1. The old people voted for this criminal and they deserve to pay more ! I have ZERO sympathy for Democrats who are being financially hurt by the policies of their criminal political party.

  2. Omg the demented Biden still managed to keep his promises of privatizing Medicare. Sorry I should be feeling sorry for seniors like my father but I don't because he voted for the very man who for decades has promised to privatize Medicare. All of these because Trump was an existential crisis . 😆🤣😂

  3. They're crooks, mountebanks—plain and simple… A kleptocracy? An oligarchy? A plutocracy? I didn't major in political science. All I know is that we're being robbed… It's like someone coming through your window and stealing stuff…

  4. if medicare was privatized from the begginning the fund would be so big no money would need to be put in it to keep it going. financing it off the taxpayers backs and not the growth of the economy has shown to be a catastropic failure that has led to yoy debt and inflation which is why wages seem low when they have been growing steadly for 60 years. privatize or get the fuck out of the way.

  5. Nov 2024 when Trump is giving his victory speech I don't wanna hear it was Russia, or the KKK (membership 8) or some alt right white supremacist ( they never met a person of color so…). It'll be this shit, this right here. Enjoy 3 terms of conservative rule like after Jimmy Carter.

  6. Hate 2 say it, but could b the only way 2 jolt the "vote blue no matter who" crowd out of their delusions is another round of Trump
    I will not vote 4 Joe, Que Mala or Mayo Pete no matter what

  7. Democrats don’t care about the mid-terms they still have 2 more years to crush the economy and work on a way to steal the election in 2024. Democrats want to make congress irrelevant and turn the US into an administrative state.

  8. Just for a second, I was thinking "what's wrong with screwing seniors? He is one". Then I realised you weren't talking about a sex scandal. Soz, just woke. 😬

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