Biden Travels To Saudi Arabia To Beg For Cheap Oil

President Joe Biden will soon be traveling to Saudi Arabia in an effort to make nice with Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the rest of the ruling regime and to repair any damage the US-Saudi relationship may have sustained after then-candidate Biden pledged to make the Saudis a “pariah” after the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Now the U.S. is desperate for oil, so the new mantra is “Khashoggi who?” Whether Biden’s prostration will do anything to sway the offended Saudis remains an open question.

Jimmy and his panelists, The Dive host Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss just what Joe Biden will likely have to do to get back into the Saudis’ good graces.

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  1. The funniest part? If he'd just go back to Trump-era domestic energy production policies, gas prices would fall in a week. Our economy would drastically improve, and SA AND Russia would feel the pinch.

  2. Oh bullshit, Jimmy. Khashoggi was a journalist like Ken Dilanian is a journalist. I have no love for the Saudis, but if you're a political power player and your faction loses, it's not remotely surprising when something nasty happens to you. Do the bare minimum of research before whining about that fool meeting a bad end.

    Have you never wondered why Congress suddenly started shrieking about that particular murder? Journalists are killed every day. Does DC throw a hissyfit over each one? He wasn't even an American. Are you telling me you didn't think the hysterics from our politicians were a little odd?

  3. Sounds like he reassessed the relationship, is absolutely checking our values at the door, and going hat-in-hand to Saudi Arabia because he knows that he needs to lower gas prices that have exploded DUE to his policies in a frantic effort to save the most important thing of all, his Presidency and any chance of getting another 4 years on top of this 4 that his family can use to sell influence and maximize their profits from his Presidency just as they did for 8 years as Vice President and, I imagine, most of the years he was a Senator.

  4. Doesn't Joe Bidet know that he has shut down Canadian oil and gas which could provide what he is now pretending to beg for. Go figure if this is not all one big joke.

  5. He needs the Saudi’s oil to bring gas prices down so he can have one chance in hell at the mid-term elections. Biden is a little less incompetent when compared to Trump but that’s no saying much.

  6. I am confused.
    The "conservatives" told me that the US produces the most oil in the world.
    If this true…
    Why did Biden, Trump, Obama or Bush simply move the US to rely on our own oil?

  7. It amazes me that people cant see the hypocrisy of this administration! LMAO Lets Go Brandon! If Trump does get the nomination I will vote for him, just because!

  8. Remember when Michael Moore made a documentary about Bush and Saudi Arabia oil. I think he called it Fahrenheit 9/11. I wonder if he will make one about Biden, probably not.

  9. He is literally acting step by step as was written for him prior to inauguration. He owes so many for paying his way to the steal, errr.. I mean election, that he never once has made his own decision. He doesn't care, he's on the back end of reality here on earth. We were screwed the day Trump was elected. They are teaching us we will never vote outside of the plan ever again!

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