Biden Tries to Subvert Let’s Go Brandon Meme

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  1. Does he believe he saved lives? Why would he invoke what the dead think? I believe they in their supernatural existence would see through his lies and cheer for us who also see it.

  2. If I died in military service because of the outrageous incompetence of the senile Commander in Thief I could only hope that people would scream "Fuck (insert dickhead's name here)".

  3. I'm never going to use that phrase, or the kinder version, but what would the victims of 9/11 think of Americans in masks, and being fired for not vaccinating, and having a prez that hands down such unconstitutional edicts?

  4. It is insidious to have a disabled man named Brandon used just to hide the true meaning of a phrase.

    I mean if you think about it too, those in power are the ones who write history. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they had complete control that 30 years from now or something they’d rewrite our history to say people were chanting for a disabled man and loved Biden.

  5. Hahahaaa!!! Shows how much people are sick of this administration and their bullying and are finding a way to let that frustration out!!! Let’s go, Brandon!!! Instead of realizing that he needs to change, he arrogantly tries to make it his. What a joke!! He should be embarrassed!!

  6. Ok Let’s go Brandon has two meaning if you guys aren’t aware.

    First obviously it’s an indictment of Joe Biden.

    But the Second, it’s an indictment of the media. You are aware where the meme came from right? It’s was some nascar race and the crowd was chanting F@ck Joe Biden. There was a news reporter interviewing a racer named Brandon. She said oh look the crowd is chanting Let’s go Brandon.

    The media subverts the narrative all the time. So it’s more of a indictment against them.

    For instance when the Republican candidate for governor won Virginia, the media said “is America racist?”

    This is EXACTLY what Let’s go Brandon is about. F the lying media. And F Joe Biden and his f’ed up policies that is destroying the middle class.

  7. Wore my "let's go Brandon" shirt to the store the other day. It was hilarious watching both the thumbs up giggles and death stares from the purple hairs. 😀

    Let's Go Brandon !!

  8. I’m actually disgusted that he’s using the assumed opinions of the victims of 911 to victimize people who despise him for the literal actions he has taken. Fuck former Vice President Joe Biden.

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