Biden Trolls Americans Over Healthcare

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Nevermind the fact big pharma and Mitt Romney wrote that stupid health plan. Phony libtards we're jumping for joy when it passed. I know people who paid the stupid penalty rather than buy one of their scam health insurance.

  2. My insurance is now $27,900 a year. My deductibles are $2,000 for pharmaceuticals, $5,000 for out-patient care and $8,000 for in-patient care. Can we even really call that insurance? I've already have to sell my house to cover my wife's cancer treatment and my son's insulin. America is a cruel nation run by evil people with no empathy. If my sons dies because he can't afford his inulin, I will quit my job and put my military knowledge to work in the healthcare industry. Every CEO, CFO and COO will feel my pain.

  3. The healthcare industry gave 13 million dollars to the two guys who could have actually changed healthcare in the US. You won't hear that on TYT, MSNBC, CNN or the Majority Report.

  4. I haven't had health care for 15 years now because I'm fricking too poor. Even $150-$200 would kill me to come up with. Really – I'm wondering what do I get from my government that is better than in let's say Ecuador? The USA is a worse than what they call a third world country.

  5. Man this Biden's A "cheap skate" only 8-mill-for his Ass being owned…only 8- million THAT IT….if I was "JOE ROGAN" WITH HIS (100-MILLION) I would Pay off "JOE BIDEN" 10-MILL FOR GIVING PEOPLE FREE HEALTHCARE …!!!

  6. See, that is one of many reasons why I don't understand the American Pride in their country. Why do you still pledge alligence to a stupid piece of cloth instead of choosing Human Decency. The US makes no sense. 🔥👹🔥

  7. Healthcarebos alreadynthe biggest cost of the government the military budget doesnt even put a dent in it. The government couldn't afford to to fo healthcare for all.

  8. Biden is given statements to give the illusion of hope to wash over the nation. Then Imperial media does not refute but broadcasts the statement. Then " China " is a threat. We must work together. All lies.

  9. JIMMY DORE…WOULD YOU ASK one of your medical expert guests the following…"Would you show me that is is not possible, for newly-admitted Covid-19 patients to be hyperventilated into submission (using pure oxygen), until the virus is out of their system (after which patients are fraudulently declared brain dead, and harvested of their vital organ$)"???

  10. As a formal liberal democrat I must say that the healthcare issue is the issue that drove me away from the party. Of course there are many other issues that I disagree with now once I removed the blinders. My insurance for my family went from around $200 a month for a family of 6 with a $600 deductible to costing $1200 a month with a $6000 deductible AND coinsurance after you hit the ceiling of $20k (which includes the $6k deductible that I paid)! So I pay $14,400 a year for the insurance company to pay for $14,000 for my healthcare before they begin charging me 20% for everything after that. Yeah that’s a great deal!🤦🏽‍♀️ Nope Obama taught me that the democratic party, liberals, and the entire left is full of 💩 and is the party of the establishment corporate/pharmaceutical/globalist/elites who simply want to subject anyone who isn’t rich to be happy with nothing. They simply want us all to rent an apartment, ride the bus, rent our furniture and appliances, and have zero savings. They’ve literally told us that they are moving towards a future where we own nothing and be happy with nothing. Of course they will own everything then so… we will all be entirely dependent on them therefore subject to whatever they demand of us. Not my idea of freedom.

  11. I pay about 1400 a month more than half my retirement for me and my wife and I'm on Medicare but I have to keep 100% on my private insurance to keep my wife injured and I can't afford to use any of it I hate this f*** up system especially when we pay for other countries medical insurance stop giving our money to other countries

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