Biden UNLEASHES During SPOOKY Orwellian Speech Slamming ‘MAGA Forces’: Ryan & Emily

President Biden delivered a primetime address last night on the ‘soul of the nation’ and threats to U.S. democracy. Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky react. #Biden #Democracy #MAGARepublicans

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  1. The Democrats threw a multi year hissy fit about Russia supposably thwarting Hillary Rodham Clinton and installing Donald John Trump despite "U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia did not alter actual votes during the 2016 election." (Time Magazine 2019) Later, Donald John Trump trotted out "election fraud" to account for his own defeat. Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr has now preemptively condemned a large faction of American citizens in a highly political speech tricked out with marines wearing USMC dress uniforms. Something which by itself was highly inappropriate for a political speech. — All three politicians are arguably authoritarians with fascist tendencies.

  2. Fix crime, fix inflation, lower gas prices, rents are soaring, can’t afford to buy a house… this was a weird and ridiculous speech. Scared me to death. If I disagree with him, I am an extremist?

  3. Democrats supported the trump backed republicans to win the primaries so they can have an easy win.
    They don’t care about democracy, they could’ve supported the moderate republicans but they didn’t, so as far as I am concerned B*den can shut up, I am not a republicans and I feel furious for an opportunity lost to put trump back in the bottle so we can start forgetting him, remember moderate republicans lost their primaries by few percentage point which means a lot of the republicans don’t like trump, it’s a huge indication because to have close to half of the republican primary voters to vote against him is huge, primary republican voters are extreme, just wanted to mention that.

  4. "The January 6 House select committee is turning its attention to the Willard hotel 'command center' where Trump allies gathered to discuss plans to subvert the 2020 election results…"

  5. Why are the Marines standing behind Biden covering up their brass belt buckles with their white gloved hands? I noticed it with Obama too. The only thing on the brass belt buckle is the Marine Corps emblem.

  6. I love how Biden complaining about proto-fascist extremism is criticized as being fascist.

    The "no you're bad" schoolyard technique of arguing.

    Biden is right. If you are pro Jan 6th you cant be pro constitution or pro law enforcement – the things that happened that day are explicitly anti constitution and anti law enforcement.

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