Biden Wants $13 BILLION MORE For Ukraine | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to Biden’s request to Congress for $13 billion more in funding for Ukraine as part of an emergency package

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Jordan Chariton:

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  1. 47 Billion to a country that was paying the presidents son $50,000 a month to do a job he had zero qualifications for and did not speak the language ? We have a part of our own country with NO DRKING WATER!!!

  2. The Biden administration should be spending/investing money in repairing and modernizing US infrastructure instead of giving the weapons manufacturers billions of dollars so they can ship arms to Ukraine. And just where is Bden getting all this money? He's having the FED create it! Ths Social Security Trust Fund was plundered long ago. Now, all it has is a bunch of government I.O.U's, not worth the paper they're printed on.

  3. What about the weapons n money they just sold n took for personal gains. I hate that my money is spent to support a BS conflict started by our tactics. God bless us all being led by evil profiteers in political clothing backed by all media that they own. Time to stand up n say no more war in the streets

  4. Everytime I see billions of dollars going to Ukraine, I think how much good that could do if I got a tiiiiny fraction of that. Say $20k. I could get myself out of student debt AND invest in myself. Ukraine isn't an investment, it's a mindless flex.

  5. You guys are finally getting caught up. But you leave out that we are sending this money to Nazis and criminals! Or how about the fact that most of the world is NOT on our side in this. For good reason!

  6. Ill tell y’all what’s gonna happen…We send another 20 billion dollars to Ukraine, and many more weapons…Ukraine looses the war, Russia takes our weapons…they become even more of a threat with our weapons…America has even a bigger reason for MORE money to the military industrial complex…your welcome . PATRIOTISM 🇺🇸

  7. The w-2 ers pay us taxes — the rich R on their honor. So, workers R financing a corrupt nazi regime in Ukraine bent on killing the Russian ethnics in the East — similar to the Israeli Zionists bent on killing the Palestinians who just happened to live in Palestine that the Zionists wanted for their "homeland." This is an evil war, like all the rest of USA USA wars in the recent last 50 years. Your money going not to you but to the empire — so as to allow that money to flow up. Biden got healthy and wealthy from Ukraine strife and skullduggery while VP under Obama — his kid complained about Biden taking money from his deals even those deals happened only becuz' his relative was VP. Biden is now paying the Ukraine nazi gov't back for bailing him when he was broke — and U R paying that tab! Any more questions??!!

  8. None of our business and in the end RUS will get E UKR where over the past 8 plus yrs. have been committing genocide against ethnic Russians that have lived there for generations! Killing over 15,000 of them since they threw out Viktor Yanukovych backed by Obama and either HRC or Kerry. They created this mess! In the end Russia will end up saving the day for Ethnic Russians that live in that area! F…ck the UKR Nazis that only want clean UKR blood in all of UKR!

  9. I just want to know where does this end the United States isn’t United it’s really a dumpster fire and the government don’t want to fix it but are willing to give billions upon billions to the Ukrainian government ?????

  10. What does Ukraine know about Biden? Is he using our tax dollars as hush money? The last time I checked there were AMERICANS without clean drinking water and veterans living on the street. Brandon has got to go.

  11. In addition to providing weapons, European nations are assisting refugees.
    It's better to pay now to stop a tyrant, than pay later when the problem is worse.
    That's really arrogant to say Ukraine cannot exist without us. We are only giving them money, but they are sacrificing their lives.
    Money to assist Ukraine is not taking away from money to assist Mississippi. They are two separate things, and conflating the two doesn't help solve the dysfunction in directing resources to Mississippi. It doesn't inform people on what the problems are in our government, and how we can make it serve us better.
    It's ludicrous to say the UK rejected a peace deal for Ukraine. The UK is not god or Ukraine.
    Pro-russian propaganda like this, and other deliberate misrepresentation is damaging to the left. Also, Ukraine is regaining territory, and it's a false equivalency to imply they are as truthful as russia in war, because russia lies about everything.  
    russia has mandatory conscription with exceptions, and variables determining how many actually are required to serve. putin has ordered an increase in troops after finding raiding prisons was insufficient.
    breaking points is sounding as stupid as, and working hard to generate fake outrage like fox news. Should people really feel dumber after watching this show?

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