Biden went to bed early

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Written by Mr Reagan


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  1. Wow. You are just lost without Trump eh? Seems like you just don't know what to do. Your videos are all over the place. Hopefully you figure it out. Mr Peagan was definitely not the right direction. Let's hope you gave that hackey bit up.

  2. All that you said about that guy that is president is true. Nothing new. All those things were known before the election, and yet, there he is, sitting in the most second most powerful position, under Nancy Pelosi, in the world. The world has tuned upside down.

  3. Hey Chris why don't you re-uplaod all of your parody videos and sorta comical videos to your Mr Peagan channel so they are all in one place?? ??????? Hope you see this message Chris I'm one of your early supporters and Ive shared your videos hundreds of times to help you with this channel. I would like to help you with Mr Peagan as well.

  4. Could you have handled this better? No, says Biden. Meanwhile, desperate people fall from airplanes. Thousands of Americans remain trapped in a country now controlled by the Taliban. But no problem, says the president. How do you assess a statement like that? Piers Morgan described it as quote, "breathtakingly arrogant and disturbingly delusional." That sounds about right, if maybe a little understated.

    Watching it, you wonder Biden if understands what this moment means to the rest of us. We had to leave Afghanistan. He’s right about that. It was always going to be ugly. That’s true. But this ugly? This humiliating? This destructive to America’s authority in the world? To our future? No. None of that was forgone. None of it was necessary. It was a choice that Biden and his advisors made intentionally, over months. They knew this was going to happen. They did it anyway.

    What does that say about them? What does it tell you that they left thousands of American citizens behind when they fled, and then seemed markedly unconcerned about what might happen to them? It tells you a lot.

    The U.S. government exists to serve its own citizens. Period. It has no other purpose. The moment our government stops serving its our citizens is the moment our government becomes illegitimate. That’s true. It’s always been true, and it’s obvious to most people. Does Biden understand it? Possibly not.

  5. Mr Reagan….
    A) the anti-Christ
    B) The abomination of desolation
    C) A dementia patient who Marxist lunatic psychopaths from the democratic party are using as their puppet to pass an anti-freedom tyrannical and satanic agenda.
    4) All the above
    ???? There are no other options btw.

  6. hey mr. Smoothe. nope disagree. beiden is pulling out of Afghanistan why it's a disaster is because defense contractors and those owning stocks in defense contractors are gonna loose money. but after a 20 year grift fuck yeah it would be a disaster now a month from now a year from now or 20 years more from now. why because we keep needing to drop bombs on the poorest people. a war Bush made with no evidence and no proof. other than Afghanistan has a lot of opium and lithium. weird how we have an opioid problem now. and cell phones and computers are cheap. thanks to lithium. .
    . I don't like Beiden or Harris but to just blame them for an illegal war. that Bush and if you really need the neadrithalithic 2 party stupidity a Republican. thought I don't see a difference between openly corrupt Republicans or closeted corrupt democrsts. let me ask who is actually fighting for Americans you know health care less taxes for the poor and middle class paying for these wars and more for guys thst go to space on my dime and then buy a 550 million dollar yacht. and you can't see the problem. also Amazon was given tax rebates and paid 0 fed tax. and given 10 billion to go to space and given a huge corprate welfare tax cut. when did we get ours. you know the workers thst still pay 27 28 percent tax. corporations pay 15 rich pay 13 to 17. maybe a flat tax where we pay 13 and rich pay 13 I'd love the rebate and the 4k less a year I'd pay for military bombing of countries I never heard if or because there not America. when are we going to give a fuck about America and not give a shit about the corrupt shit as leader. and he's leader cause you allowed him to be. based on votes you didn't have and wernt enough to say you guy won. personally I hate both canidates and voted 3rd party on principle. so one less for either corrupt side just one more divergent like me because I disagree with the 2 party system

  7. Its still suspicious. The military left baghram airport like 2 months ago, the taliban got baghram 3 weeks ago, where a lot of the weapons and aircraft were. Think about it, biden and the military wouldve known that the taliban is about to take the country, yet we left baghram airport and the base, now we dont even have the kabul airports? It was planned to be this bad, thats why Trump wanted us out may 1st, he and everyone else knew the country was gonna fall soon, that wouldve been easier.

  8. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. All of us who are paying attention could see this old man was having problems during his campaign. Just about everyone sees it, it’s just some, the delusional sheep, believe what they are told over what they see. Total lack of intellectual integrity.

  9. Meanwhile the bands getting back together with new instruments and state of the art equipment, generously donated by joe bidens masters, and coming to a venue near you soon.

  10. Wait until some drug addled Taliban whack job with an RPG drops one of those cargo carriers on what is now the only runway in or out of Afghanistan. I can't wait to read the sternly worded UN memo after that happens.

  11. For the first time I believe that one's vote should be held personally against them. They knew. They knew that he had dementia. Everyone knew. And they voted for him as leader of the free world anyway.

  12. Remember Benghazi ? The embassy was under attack and Obama went to bed. Our people where under attack and the clownmander in chief was nowhere to be seen. Now we have 10%+ inflation, higher fuel prices, energy dependence after being a net exporter under Trump, open border with covid positives in mass, vax mandates, continued lockdowns, out of control crime by policy design in Dem strongholds and using those numbers to push for more loss of gun rights, Hunter Bribin selling access via his "art" sales and a silent media covering a second laptop with more undeniable proof of corruption, a tragic comedy retreat out of Afghanistan, voting rights for illegals and the outright subversion of the states voting systems with the "for the people act", the push to Pack the SCOTUS, the non stop manufacturing of an aggrieved subsector of the population with racist divisionary tactics from CRT and the 1619 project, the deindustrialization of the USA and subsidy of foreign industries via the Paris climate accords that are not a binding treaty as it never was approved by congress, the shattering of trust of our allies as the world sees the lack of fitness of our executive and the disarray of our foreign policy and more. Share this content until you lose friends and discover the ones that you will be able to count on. Hard times are coming.

  13. Sleepy Joe

    And we are in a take-over by the globalist oligarchs — and many, maybe most, of our “leaders” and people in positions of political and institutional power (including judges) have signed-on with the globalist oligarchs. The mainstream media is all but entirely a propaganda agency of the globalist oligarchs.

  14. Biden just proved HE IS NOT IN CHARGE. HE FIGURES I’ll SLEEP AND THEY CAN FIX THE DAMAGE I DID. Biden can also express his incompetence and weakness from anywhere as he did in the basement. Democrats are use to working with terrorist groups.

  15. Biden's little isolationist bubble about Afghanistan reminds me of Louis XVI's journal entry about the fall of the Bastille. He wrote the word "nothing". He was as out of touch with his subjects as Biden is with his country.

  16. Why do you keep saying Biden? Why aren't you asking the same question as most Americans? That question is, "Who are 'THEY'?" Every time Biden says, THEY gave me a list of people to call on here… THEY're going to get mad at me if I answer any more questions…

    I can read better than Biden reads teleprompters. So why don't we leave Biden at home to rest, and THEY, can just put THEIR notes and instructions on screen, so we could read them for ourselves? Who are THEY?

  17. No laughing matter! Our president has dementia and everyone who bolstered him and voted for him has blood on their hands. Hopefully it won’t get much worse but I’m afraid it will.

  18. REMEMBER those videos of BIDEN used to say why WON'T TRUMP just ACT like a president? Ya!!!! I don't know why we're COMPLAINING about this guy I guess forget about the fact that he FRAUDULENTLY stole the election …. At what point does the US military get involved and do SOMETHING about the LEADERSHIP of this country these lawyer politicians have no idea what they're doing at all….. It's STARTING to look like ANOTHER country has installed this guy to make us look like dumbasses…..

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