Biden Will Shut Down Left Voices w/Chris Hedges

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. One question I have, how do you make the Democrats fear you when they have the power in the way of media, the internet giants, the liberal courts rigging elections? Unless you have voter verifications with paper ballots and counted by people, any voting machine can be rigged to do whatever the programmer tells it to do.

  2. The Democratic Party has destroyed America! They are totally corrupt and when they are defeated in 2022 and 2024 because they don't give the people what they want and need, the last attack on the Capitol in Washington will look like a picnic to what will be coming next!

  3. How does it feel to be real journalists that care about Health care and want to discuss in open dialogue and make positive changes. How does it feels to have credibility. It's not one person that makes change, it's the people united together for the one cause. The grass roots is everything and can change the direction of a sick society and make fundamental positive change. Seems such an obvious and easy solution when the good people unite in care.

  4. I took a Republican to get rid of NAFTA. I’m not sure why people keep thinking that Joe Biden is a savior. He’s going to hurt this country in such a way that we will never forget. Kamala Harris is worse than him and the damage is she’s going to do maybe irreversible if he is not able to manage wish he’s already having foreign leaders call her as he plays games with his 27-year-old granddaughter. Who hasn’t ever heard of such a thing that in his first few weeks in office he’s already turned over calls to foreign leaders from major countries to his VP?

  5. Do these lefties really think that the January 6th episode was what an insurrection would look like had the right fell fell into the trap? Come on Jimmy ! Your Blind spot is getting bigger.

  6. Chris Hedges is always a great guest for sure. Biden will be like the oboma years but worse for sure. Great Journalist and intellectual for sure. This is why two party system always wins because of the elites are scumbags and control it all. Voting is basically pointless now. Its time for general strikes for sure if we want real change to happen. Great segment and thanks for having Chris on @The Jimmy Dore Show.

  7. And to prove the point Chris and Jimmy make vis a vis the next right wing insurgency in American politics, look at the number of views these so-called right wing pundit's on YT channels achieve. On any given day, they attract over 1 million views within 24 hours. Jimmy may attract 50,000 and Chris gets 25,000 for his RT "On Contact" viewership.
    There's a huge disparity.
    Americans have no confidence in their political elite (nor its media) unless it's conservative, Christian and white.
    There's going to be an insurgency in 2022 and it won't be "liberal", it will be ultra-conservative, well-funded and incontrovertible.

  8. Dont badmouth Trump when he saved us in last 4 years! Can you even imagine what our country would look like if Hillary had her axeover over our heads?

  9. The solution will no longer be found in politics. If you all care as much as I hope you do, you are going to have to STOP FUNDING THIER AGENDA!!!! liquidate all you own, convert it to crypto, build solid relationships with your neighbors, and brace yourself for thier response. I'm a milleniall and I implore you boomers to pull your heads out of your @sses, cause if we don't do this now, you will be leaving your children. And grandchildren to the wolves…and they are already showing thier teeth

  10. Is that obvious, they unleashed the riots across the nation when they need the useful leftist idiots. Now, they got what they wanted they put the leftists back into the silent box/cage.

  11. 2020 proved that elections in this country may be an afterthought. Every lever for social change has seized and whats left is rigged. Even if we get a 3rd party to 5% we'd never get credit for more than 1 or 2%. This country will inevitably bottom out

  12. Jimmy, there was voter fraud. Biden is not President. Presidents need to be swarn in by the Supreme Court justice. Biden was not! Friday is the Supreme Court fraud case. Be ready.

  13. People don't go into open revolt until they have nothing to lose, of course at the rate things are going, the US government won't be able to prevent Americans from losing everything even if they wanted to. Its going to be a shit show.

  14. How do you have "The Chicago Manual of Style" , proudly displayed behind you. And display that you obviously have never read said manual?

  15. When after got implemented in North Carolina I was there and literally almost every single month it was 10,000 20000 30000 and right when it was Christmas time of Boom they did a massive like $1000000 layoffs to all these people that were in the textile and Furniture business and they didn't give a f***

  16. It's funny that the rhetoric from the Democratic party is specifically what they don't believe in, just as the rhetoric from the Republican party is exactly what they don't believe in.

  17. NAFTA was by BUSH! It was just signed into law when Clinton got in. Biden said that the problem with NAFTA was that Bush didn’t follow through. Biden also did NOT implement the Crime Bill, or even vote for a lot of it!

  18. I have always look to a man's actions to reveal his real personal values more that his articulation of them. Which invites the question to me, then: did CH vote on election day, and whom did he vote for if he did? Has he ever been asked that? And if he was asked that question, did he ever reveal how his action at the voting booth (or via USPS) exemplified his values?