Biden: “You can ask your commander-in-chief any questions you want to, I’ll try to answer..” Cut!

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  1. Bahrain, …C????…Romania… Your Commander in Dementia has no idea where these countries are. Ask him, he will try to answer, but unfortunately as a trucker he was only the roads of the USA. He cant even pronounce the land Katar right.

  2. Bidens are so proud of their crackhead POS Hunter that got booted from the military for drugs and the tired story of the other ticket puncher kid

  3. That's a special need trained dog. He's trained to put his head on the pillow to sign that the diaper is about to be filled.
    "Cut , we gonna pause for a moment folks"…….

  4. He put the dog up on the couch and he was out of breath, and could barely speak, and this is the best we have to run the Greatest Country In The World?, this is an insult to any thinking person. The Left should be ashamed but they're not, they're not ashamed because they have no shame do they?, power at any cost.

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