Bidenflation is Really Gonna Make Democrats Pay a Heavy Midterm Toll

Inflation is bad m’kay?:


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  1. I sell construction and the prices for materials are insane right now, its whats causing housing market to blow up. Nobody can build new. I wouldnt buy right now, once this thing pops is when to buy. You would lose equity by buying now. Wait for the pop. By the way.

    Fuck the democrats and fuck joe Biden.

  2. There going to pump big money and push for trains n public transportation,the plan is to only have big box stores invested in by government so there stocks go up,move the population into the city,no reason for personal cars,we are looking more like china and russia,stand back and look

  3. "…..every Democrat should be thrown outta congress" Removing them from the entire country would be an even better idea. Imagine a Democrat free world. Then we actually COULD defund the police to a large degree; cause there would be so little crime.

  4. Hi Styx, been subbed for a while now and appreciate all you do. I watched a good portion of the townhall and in doing so, something became pretty evident. Biden despite his health and the state of the economy is likeable. He actually manages to phrase things in a manner where more Americans would be willing to swallow what he says. I watched him and as he stammered his responses, I thought grandpa…. comforting. Perhaps one day you could do a video covering this aspect of Biden and your thoughts about it.

  5. The Democrats will actually ‘win’ everything in 2022. They have unlimited numbers of people that don’t exist to make sure they will ‘win’. And they will. And with the support of big tech, big business, the media, all government agencies, the courts they will get away with it. Expect the United States to become a single party communist dictatorship. Just wait until the Democrats start purging the population of the United States citizen stares via mass extermination and they will still ‘win’.

  6. True that. I have bought more gold and silver in the past year than the previous ten years. I am worried about the financial future.

  7. I enjoy your common sense perspective of world economics Styx. I especially respect your knowledge of the current administrations failed attempts with border and world trade. The “team” in control is slowly pushing us into another 2008 crisis.

  8. Polls? You talk of polls as though they aren't skewed to fit agendas. I'll remind you of the most recent example of outrageous poll results we all witnessed during the Clinton run for the Presidency. Polls of any significance are bought and paid for to bend the perception of the American voters. LOVE YOU STYX!

  9. Couple of terms here- "Dominion" and "mail in". Good luck with your "Republican Sweep". BTW, even if the Repubes were to take the House and Senate, we get McCarthy as Speaker and China Mitch back as Senate leader. Everything remains the same.

  10. Government ideally shouldn’t have any affect on the economy. Ayn Rand seen the alarm bell of socialism and welfare state beginning in America ringing with Roosevelts the new deal.