Biden’s 22.5 billion dollar COVID Spending Bill | Do We Need to Pay for these 3 things?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. So wasteful and dangerous. Purposely draining our economy while simultaneously funding the most terrifying experimental human studys en masse. Lets all call it what it is. Unconscionable.

    Thank you for constantly calling out bad science. 🙏

  2. I used to see things like this and say thank God I live in Canada but it's even worse here the wef has its claws in every government North and South east and West time to clean house

  3. The Danish study indicates that the Covid 19 mRNA vaccines degrade the general immune system and lead to more overall death, while reducing death from Covid 19.

  4. We have a 1000ft tsunami of corruption washing over the entire planet that’s leaving a hollowed out empty and destroyed society in its wake. We are absolutely straightforward fucked.

  5. I think that the country of Africa has already proved what the simple fix is for Covid and the flu. Africa has a population of 1.2 billion people and had just a little over 200 thousand deaths to Covid.

  6. US is having an obesity crisis, mental health crisis, kids getting screwed by lockdowns and a whole host of other problems but yes let's spend money on more vaccinations on 99% of the population who has either already had it, or is at low risk from it.

  7. Anything/everything Biden wants should be answered with NO, NOT EVER. Biden needs to be run out of D.C. He should not have been there at all!

  8. Spend, spend, spend…. a typical politicians answer to everything. Problem is they’re so corrupt that they never spend it approximately. Horrible economy, that’s only getting worse. Food shortages, everywhere. War (which many believe was caused and encouraged by us). Fuel prices soaring. Civil unrest appears around the corner. Homelessness out of control. AND what do the corrupt politicians want to do…. Give more money to their friends!! How the H are these criminals still in office?

  9. "Putting this all together, what is going on here?". I know Dr Prasad, you operate strongly on firm data, but a little speculation in the presence of red flags is okay occasionally.

  10. Of course ppl and govt's will always spend on things that deliver what they want. That is the case he too. It;s just that what they want may not coincide with what WE want. Spending tons of money subsidizing a new product is good, because it keeps taking money out of our pocket and giving it to big companies owned by people that count. Also, if a product is subsidized, it can be mandated, because the state would say – Hey, we paid so we could get this to protect you and society. It would be immoral to mandate a product that only some can afford. As it turned out last year, it;s perfectly OK to mandate a product that is free – because the state already paid for it (with your money 😛 ). Then, if someone fails to heed the mandate, we can ban, shun or disenfranchise them because they failed their moral duties. And the list goes on…
    So, you see, we need to focus on the right objective. If we do, then we will realize measures (and costs) fit the purpose…
    BTW – I live in a European country. Our health minister announced a week ago that we still have to make a payment of approx. 1 bill euro for the product – most of which we haven;t even brought in yet. The EU made a contract for 7-8 doses per living soul in the EU, and now countries have to fit the bill. It;s either that, or – at best – we negotiate a deal where we get no more stuff and pay some compensation…

  11. Hellow Dr. Prassad, I would love for you to read the latest decision made by Puerto Rico's Health Department regarding mask wearing. Would love to see your reaction to it. I'd think you'd be AMAZED at what's happening over here.

  12. I don't understand why they don't do randomised control trial.s There are many thousands of trained statisticians who could do that but they don't. and they wont. it is dangerous for their careers. fear. some of them blame unvaccinated, unmasked. this is a way to hide their shame.

  13. One of the few charting the decline of medical science at the hands of big business. Never agree 100% but great to listen to someone fighting for what they believe in instead of chasing the dollar.
    I will add that there are so many more things you can do to optimise your chances of avoiding serious disease than get vaxxed, opitimse medication and lose weight. A truely healthy diet, (as opposed to the doctor’s diet that maintains a zero sugar Coke is better for you than a piece of fruit, because you know, it has less sugar) regular moderate exercise, improved sleep, reduced stress in combination with vitamin, mineral, herbal supplements boost your vitality and immunity against a virus that was and is most dangerous to those with a low immune response.
    It concerns me that thinking all you need to do is take your meds and lose some weight to be healthy. If people were really committed to health the effects of the covid virus along with all disease would be lessened, people would live happier healthier longer lives.
    This low hanging fruit is still there because it offends the money at all costs attitude of governments glued to the pockets of big business.

  14. America seriously needs to grasp and rectify the complete capture of our regulatory institutions by corporate and oligarchic interests. Our regulatory systems were designed and implemented to protect public and environmental welfare and wellbeing. They have been failing more and more to live up to their true purpose and instead continue to be greater and greater tools for increasing wealth for already wealthy companies and individuals.

  15. Billions of dollars can be spent on COVID, wars, and launching telescopes into deep space. Yet, we can't get money to pay more to teachers; fix our roads, and ensure everyone has access to food, shelter, and medical care.

  16. This covid nonsense has to stop. The lie has been exposed. For the vast majority of the people, it’s a bad cold. The people in power don’t want to let this go because they do not want to relinquish power.

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