Biden’s $69B Ukraine Spending To Outdo Russia’s ENTIRE MILITARY BUDGET, Afghanistan War Cost: Report

In a new government spending bill, President Biden is requesting a $13.7 billion provision to help Ukraine. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave Discuss. #Ukraine #Biden #aidangallagher

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  1. We need to ensure that at least a few billion dollars of the aid we give to Ukraine 🇺🇦 gets allocated specifically for affirmative care for transgender children. The younger we can mask those kids the sooner we can trans them! The mission in Ukraine will not succeed until there are children gender clinics in every province of the country!!

  2. Russia is an existential (read MAD) threat to the US. Ukraine is solving a problem for us. Yes, our healthcare "system" is a joke, not to mention (fill in the Obsessionally created problem) here. ….but this is more important. This could mean the end of a large number of nuclear missiles pointed at us. …BTW we could have averted this a long time ago by reelecting George Bush Sr. who wanted to figure out how integrate Russia into the system and re-purpose the Bretton Woods agreement.

  3. The federal govt spent $3 Trillian on COVID stimulus checks and handouts. It obtained the money by merely printing it, which devalued the dollar, resulting in the current inflation. Think about it.

  4. We don't always find the money for war, the banksters always give it to the military industrial complex(assuming they are two separate entities lol). We are borrowing money from these guys with interest only to turn around and do their bidding with it. Pretty sweet deal huh.

  5. When will we stop assuming that Democrats just don't understand all the harm they are doing through the Fed, their policies and the war. When do we accept the fact that this may not be a bug of the system but a plan? By increasing interest rates, the Fed specifically puts pressure on workers, drives up profits for corporations, furthers the war of Russia by giving them more money in oil, in turn allows Biden to give billions to the military industrial complex on behalf of Ukraine and most important of all it drives down unionization and worker collectivity in general by making them all more insecure. All of this works for the class that Biden serves and hides it in a cloud of uncertainty, and even if Democrats lose in the next general election, that's just even better because it's an excuse to let the Republicans do whatever they want and not have to own the fact that they're also serving the same donor class.
    The system works.
    Panther Party.

  6. The military complex help those who are elected in elections, now it’s time for them to collect their fruit of funding their campaign.

    No candidate should be able to spend any penny helped by anyone and campaign budget must be strictly limited, then the elected official will be less influenced by the pharmaceutical or military complex, and they will prioritize people over the campaign funders.

    The lobbying must stop for anything.

  7. people don't have clean drinking water and children are having luch trays taken from them because their family didn't pay the bill, but we have billions to send to an apartheid state, ukraine and saudi arabia.

  8. Robby's in my bad books today… we didn't just leave Afghanastan, we stole their central bank money, destabilized the region, killed untold ppl, environment damage….how about burn pits???

  9. our investment in this war is that we are treaty-bound to protect Ukraine's territorial integrity. And this war has been heavily constrained. most surveys in the US are actually saying that they want more aid to go to Ukraine than what the government wants to do. Some of the military spending we are doing is actually saving the US money because we are able to get rid of old military systems. Also, it's not like the government has stopped spending money on the US. That is a false narrative. We are in the process of spending 300 billion on our limited student debt cancelation. We have spent over 50 billion on subsidies to Superconductors. Most people have not resumed paying their student loans for the past two years, since they were frozen that was also help. Let's not talk about the trillions of dollars we spent on covid and covid relief, some of which are still being handed out.

  10. Did you guys even account for inflation when looking at the cost of Afghanistan? Also you do understand what it would do in terms of americas soft power or the potential long term consequences to world stability if we just let russia take over Ukraine? Clearly not.

  11. Make Congress, Generals and politicians pay for this folly war. It will end instantly!!!

    What a bunch of corrupt cons and losers and yet, decade after decade these bozos get re-elected by a duped populace.

    Democracy, my arse!! What a sham this political system we have!!!

  12. Socialism for the MIC/Defense and capitalism for everyone else. They can eat stale, moldy cake.

    No one asks how we are going to pay for it. Why?? All bought and paid for!!

    Boot them all and then boot them again!!''

    We need 3rd parties ASAP!!!

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