Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

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Written by GOP


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  1. This began with the want to pull troops out.
    This want began with Trump's February 2020 agreement to withdraw all troops within 14 months.

    Conveniently, the GOP tries to remove that little bit of history recently, where they praised this agreement.
    And now Biden, although not that great, gets the blame for the repercussion.

    What a disastrous country America is.

  2. I am old enough to remember when we first went in there. Taliban was running the country they had stopped the production of poppies (opium) for about a year we over threw the Taliban and opium production started up with a vengeance. All the money and lives wasted and we were on the wrong side of this.

  3. This is all made possible by election corruption. Which the gop bent over and took with no vasaline. Even going so far as to collude with the democrats to stage an uprising at the capitol so they could wait and do the peoples business in the middle of the night.

  4. Lord help us! (No) Donald! Get them! Lord “! I’m am prazeing you like i never did before ! !”. Thank you so much “ for putting Donald trump on earth ! To me .” He is the second saveior !

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