Biden’s APOCALYPTIC Disapproval With Young Voters | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar evaluate Biden’s major disapproval with young Democratic voters who turned out in droves to vote for him in 2020

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  1. Above 30 voters are not used to getting everything they want. 30 and below get everything they ask for. Promises without delivering isn't going to work on the new generation of voters. At best for Democrats in their current form is if young eligible voters don't participate in politics. Might be time for politicians to do their job of running the country in a way that improves life for all Americans.

  2. Every person who voted for this guy deserves what is happening right now. You deserve to financially suffer. You deserve to lose your job and perhaps your home. You deserve to wonder if you can support your family. As a general rule, you had it better under the previous administration. Now a president does not control everything that is happening, but a president can surely make it worse if they are ill-equipped to handle the situation. This last election saw not only the Democratic party being given control of one branch of government but of two branches. Look at the state that our country is in. It's clear that voting along party lines is not the way to go. Switching to all Republicans not going to fix anything either. So for all of you who are unhappy with the present state of things. What do you think we should do?

  3. Groceries and gas are out of control. I cannot imagine being a young person trying to buy a home or start a life in this economy under this leadership. Absolutely insane!

  4. Biden doesn’t care if the young support him because he’s counting on the hatred of Trump to get him another term. This is the problem with the 2 party system where people vote for the lesser of the evils. The people of the United States are so screwed. Most of our politicians are dinosaurs and are so beholding to the 1% and don’t care about the middle class. If we don’t get control over the political class our country is done.

  5. Young people might also be worried about having a habitable planet in 15 years.
    Biden made the oil industry come back and brought the world closer to a nuclear war.

  6. I feel this is by design: they won't be upset (both parties) if young people drop out from voting altogether. Later, they'll triangulate to blame younger folks for outcomes they don't personally like.

  7. If you vote for a man who campaigned on shutting down the fossil fuel industry, don’t complain about gas/ energy prices. If you vote for a party that identifies climate change as an existential threat, don’t complain about food prices.

  8. Obama damaged the DNC's young base by promising HOPE but delivering favors for corporate donors that would make the GOP proud. They believed he was going to do what he promised. Instead, he bailed out Wall St and the banks, provided the medical industry with huge gimmies, kept us in the middle east and even dropped a few extra bombs. The base made excuses for him along the way but ultimately had to admit the almighty O was just like all the others. Follow that up with the DNC sandbagging Bernie for Hillary and then somehow convinced the base that the real outrage was that the Russians hacked them for Trump, not that the info from the hack was the truth. At this point,, I'm amazed they have any base left….

  9. Trump supporters tried to tell y’all. Should have just voted for him and got it over with. They could be blaming everything going on now on him. Now he’s gonna be coming back. Followed by desantis

  10. Did Biden's team think that young people with enormous student debt who he PROMISED cancellation to were going to continue to support him when they see that he CAN fulfill that promise, but has chosen NOT to?

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