Bidens Approval and Dems’ Congressional Polling Falls Even Further

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  1. Any infostructure boost well be temporarily. This bill is 1/3 the size it was supposed to be. Progressives got nothing. And thus spending will fuel I flatiron this winter.

  2. I always love very much listening to you – your a very smart guy – but l just have to comment on something else – l want to say how beautiful your background & plants are l think l see a bird of paradise? & a sago palm? The others lm not sure of but they look so healthy & thriving – looks very nice behind you 🙂👍& BTW Love the sword!

  3. I don't think Republicans should be gleeful about this. What's going on is that we have the Far Left that's disenfranchised as well. All they're going to do is push a Bernie type character and the moderates will tow the line.

  4. Impeachment will never happen even if the GOP regaining the house and the senate. Why you might ask? Because that would require work and doing something productive. And that's something that the GOP will never do.

  5. Biden is already a lame duck and he is still ruining the country through "compelled" mandates, pipeline shutdowns, and lack of compliance with Supreme Court orders. His administration (whoever that may be) will continue to f things up well into 2024. I hope the new congress impeaches him AND KommiLA and the Senate upholds it.

  6. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Indeed, 'Seen and Unseen' is a segment on Laura Ingraham and I've even heard them use the neologism "new normal"; a term first espoused by the late great Alan Watt.
    If our thoughts truly are a 'form' of energy, should we really be surprised when those who project what the ancient Greeks called ἀλήθεια then resonates with like-minded individuals.


  7. the infrastructure bill is NOT popular with anyone…no idea how you'd think that would help him….biden is a moron and an embarrassment to the entire country. his slipping polling numbers are due to his incompetence, hatred for the constitution and everything he does is stupid uneducated and damages the country and everyone in it

  8. The irony here is that Biden isn't actually messing up anything. He's doing exactly what he said he was gonna do: he's killing energy jobs, he's bowed down to Iran and the rest of the world, he's raising the shit out of everyones taxes. This is literally all the stuff he said he would do in his campaign.

  9. It is common, almost tiresome knowledge that media/"academic" (which is just media) polling skews consistently Elite itself and discussion of it in the echo-chambers.amplifies the skew. Everybody knows the numbers have a false silhouette no less than 5 and dependably more than 10 percent.
    There is rage about, and the media who LITERALLY created Brandon ("We're live & we gotta stay on, so if they start that chant, say "What a great crowd! What are they shouting—? —OH, they're chanting "Let's go Brandon!" What a crowd!")—these medioids have repeatedly poked VOTERHORNETS. The media's shills, the politicos, are already getting badly stung. Bitem does not have a quarter of the hearts of America.

  10. The Dem agenda is deliberately and unavoidably inimical to prosperity. Diminishing economic prospects for the vast majority of Americans is central to their political vision. If their plan is growing their way out of the problems they cause, they're electorally doomed. So it comes down to whether they can "fortify" elections enough to never deal with the electoral consequences of their policies, or to impose a communist junta.

  11. Well the democrat Poll Workers were letting Illegal Aliens and Un-Registered vote in the NJ election last week. Project Veritas has it all on video. The democrat Poll Workers said "We let them vote in 2020 for President he can vote". This Illegal was from Ireland. One democrat poll worker said "Oh I remember him yea let him vote". Take a good look at this Irishman in NJ point at him and tell everyone this Illegal Alien and Un-Registered voted in the closest election in years how many others? Where one vote could have made the difference. These Bastards need to be confronted. Can we vote in Ireland's elections? Hell no but he thinks he can vote in ours. BS. Just point and let people know take a good look at him maybe NJ doesn't mind but I doubt it. How many other stinking cheating democrats let Illegals vote? Go look at Project Veritas.

  12. Dead people cause low president ratings fentenanol deaths , Border crisis ,Afghanistan, Suicide,and gun violence. Biden focuses on Jim Crow voting in the south. Doesn't take a Rocket science degree figure he is out of touch. Jimmy Carter comes to mind when looking at this Administration. John Kerry didn't help. Looks like it's free ride for the cartels.Next year it will be the economy a hostage situation or a terrorist attack. Biden spoke at Senator and Grand master of the KKK funeral. "He was a great man" JB He claims to be liberal

  13. Talking about disconnected from reality, talk about Whitmer MI gov., waiting till winter to close an 70 yr old pipeline because of structural issues. Interesting video on FOX News. Guess you noted it, but, McAuliffe made disconnected from reality gaffes. NJ Gov race & Veritas? Veritas raided by FBI? Am getting too old, used to respect FBI, despite civil forfeiture & such issues.

  14. At this stage in their decline, President's and Prime Minister's usually create a war in order to get support of patriots/the people. Deep breath … look out for Joe's war. Who will it be with? Greenland?

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