Biden’s Approval LOWEST EVER… AGAIN! Biden Proposes INSANE 20% Tax On The Rich That Makes No Sense

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  1. Joe bid en like all Democrats are playing on the naiveness of young voters. Young voters have not realized that politicians are liars. And when they realized they've been lied to they get the lesson of hard knocks. Democrats have always targeted young voters.

  2. The Alternative Minimum Tax 2.0? A wealth tax finally takes off the mask–it's based on the notion that the government owns everything, and deigns to let you keep a little bit of it.

  3. Come on man, if you don't rub my legs and watch the little hairs stick up, uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh shabamanapressure. You ain't black! Meet me outside you dog faced pony Ester. You'll see when you're in Libya people standing in front of a god damn tank saying ten percent for m- the big guy. sniiiiiiiiìiiiff smells like a little angel.

  4. Taxation is left Tim! The government infinitely dips into our pockets. lets say I make 100k a year. I get taxed on that income. Then I get taxed again on the food I buy, the gas to get to work, the car I bought, registration fees, the house I bought, property tax, capital gains if I sold the house for a profit. For Christ sake there is a death tax! By the time the cumulative bill of all taxes paid is factored in, doesn't matter the income, we are losing 50% of our income anyways.

    "When more of the people's sustenance is exacted through the form of taxation than is necessary to meet the just obligations of government and expenses of its economical administration, such exaction becomes ruthless extortion and a violation of the fundamental principles of free government." Grover Cleveland

  5. This sounds like a political weapon.
    The "friends" of the government will be able to avoid this tax. While "malcontents" like Elon or Tim or any wealthy opponent, will be targeted. It will be used as a weapon against the establishments enemies. Luke the "parallel economy" that's coming

  6. I'm 74 years of age. 1960's Thrifty Drug Store (now Rite-Aid) triple decker ice cream cone 10 cents. Candy bars 5 cents or three for a dime. Just Say'n.

  7. The fire service used to work exactly that way, you had to have a crest displayed to prove you pay or if they chopped it and didn't find it they would stand outside as the business burnt down.

  8. We need a good ole California Recall Election. Or impeach his ass. We all know he has been bribed to hell.

    Edit: 10%. Good enough for God, good enough for Caesar. Stop all subsidies or tax cuts in the tax code. Vacas!

  9. "Look, folks. Human trafficking is expensive these days. Hairy legs and kids. Underground cages. Clinton Foundation. The CIA just told me that drug dealing is getting harder! We need to destroy black communities. C'mon, man! Pay your fair share! Jell-O pudding pops." – Joe Biden

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