Biden’s Biggest Fails in The First Debate

Biden’s biggest fails from the first debate.
Music by The Passion HiFi

Written by Mr Reagan


  1. Joe Biden – Delusional HYPOCRITE. Who stokes the fires of racism? BLM and Antifa – two radical violent groups who have been OPENLY supported by DEMOCRAT Mayors and Governors. It is their support that emboldens these rioters to become more and more vicious. They don't take their orders from Trump. Those come from the Dems. If they came from the Prez the media would not have tried to downplay the "MOSTLY peaceful protests."

  2. Biden NEVER said what he would actually do! Only "Trump, bad" Joe was a scared little bioth of a girl. He did a lot better than I thought tho. Lol

  3. As soon as we talk about Biden's family we deflect first to the families of Americans. When that doesn't work, we switch to Trump's family. We will talk about anything but Biden's family because they are innocent. If you don't believe Biden, ask any Democrat. THEY ALL READ FROM THE SAME SCRIPT.

  4. I don’t see how anyone who works in the coal industry or power plants all across this nation could vote for someone who wants to put you out of a job. Biden wants to create millions of jobs by putting millions out of one.

  5. Joe Biden played the typical liberal deflection game. Never answer the questions, just talk in circles and put the blame on others. Joe lies and lies and lies. He has no real plans. Biden’s Party is very divisive and pushes discredited talking points. Of course Wallace was the worst of the worst moderators. Look at Biden’s eyes. He’s on drugs.

  6. 4:35 oh man that was hard to watch, and see if it were Trump stumbling all over his thoughts the phony media moderator would been like "and this is a good segway into my next line of questions, why doesn't your brain work and can you be president while your losing your coherence so RAPIDLY!?!???"

  7. Chris Wallace : Mr. President, can you explain Charlottesville / your taxes / global warming / COVID hoax

    Also Chris Wallace : Mr. President we will not be talking about Hunter Biden / You holding Ukraine hostage / Joe not being supported by any law enforcement / Joes lack of an actual plan of anything / or anything that makes Joe look bad.

  8. Biden thinks I'm so stupid because A) I'm stuck under Trump's racism spell of "riling everything up" B) I'm buying his bullshit personal talks to the camera lens

  9. Biden wants to raise taxes, give 20 trillion to the globalists through the Paris Climate Accord, bring back Obamacare, and shut down the country in a recession. Nobody in the USA can vote for him because of this.

  10. This was not a great showing by any of the participants. Biden appeared unsure of himself, fragile, easily-rattled, and at times confused (also, was he using an ear piece?). Trump appeared contentious, never made eye contact with the camera or addressed the American people, and interrupted Biden several times when Biden was about to start rambling incoherently. Also, Wallace blew his job as moderator. All in all, disappointing. I hope the next two debates bring more to the table.

  11. Too bad Trump was actually trying to debate against the fact checkers that were going to mess with the debate afterwards. He had to clear as much of the gas lighting done by Joe Biden as possible, so that when the fact checkers claimed Biden's gas was fact, the truth would still get out.

  12. Chris "Mommy" Wallace to the rescue. Seeing it over again this is a true statement. He rescued Joe better than a professional lifeguard.