Biden’s Border Balls-Up

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  1. This is undeniably something that Biden's VOTERS created, and all those useful idiots who keep claiming it was a fair election. Ultimate responsibility lies with them.

  2. Alright here it is in a few simple steps:
    – Sow as much chaos as you can and as much division amongst the population as possible.
    – Don't hesitate to use social movements to push your agendas. There are many "useful idiots" that will happily aswell as freely work for you and do your own propaganda without you even asking, you only need to say that you're "on their side". (Antifa good example)
    – Let the divided population fight amongst themselves while you do your work. The use of a scapegoat is recommended.
    – Control perception, the use of mainstream medias aswell as social networks is encouraged. If you can get huge corporations to sell your message, all the better.
    – If scared enough, or enough of a chaos, it will legetimize more radical actions, laws, etc, especially if the terrified people are asking for them. Here the control of perception might be crucial aswell as for the following steps.
    – Use new laws/rules/whatever to cement your position and power aswell as making sure the population wont be able to easily move against you, at all. Again, control of perception aswell as a scapegoat can only help.
    – Secure your new Regime.
    BONUS: – Show the example to other countries and government in order to encourage them to follow you into your footsteps and secure a new regime of their own. Now you got a big club that can all work together to supress their respective populations.

    It's happening all over the western world, in a few different ways but we are seeing the rise of new regimes all over. When even Switzerland is slowly falling into dictatorship (my country), you know this is getting damn serious.

  3. The Marxist controlled destruction of the US and the West. Destroy our name overseas, insult our allies to isolate us, overwhelm our communities, divide our populous, impoverish the people through job loss, addiction to government welfare and destroying our currency. They are generating chaos to create room for their ‘solutions’. You will own nothing and you will love it…? #BuildBackBetter

  4. S- Hole written: fine
    S- Hole spoken: be careful, someone might "misunderstand" and feel "harassed"
    i mean: we could all laugh if they factcheck it and claim it to be false because "Trump never called a Country A$$h0le Country"

  5. Haiti was founded when the slaves revolted. In fact it's the only slave revolt that worked in history. It happened when the Haitians wanted to be free french after the revolution and the French denied them this. Keep in mind they did this when Napoleon was running shit.

  6. Sorry lads, have to disagree with you on Haiti. Time interval 2.41. Sierra Leone was founded by freed slaves that used to live in America, whilst Haiti (formerly Saint-Domingue) was a slave colony that rebelled against its French masters under Toussaint Louverture, who turned the colony into a country governed by former black slaves.

    As punishment this country (if it wanted recognition as an independent country) was held responsible for the debts incurred by those who profited from slavery and who lost their ‘property’ and was heavily indebted to the French to the tune of $21 billion which was not paid off until 1947. This was added to by the Duvalier dynasty and it was only after the earthquake of 2010 that the world bank and other governments forgave the remaining parts of this debt.

    Attack the left and Biden as you will. But sounding eloquent when the truth of an argument is just brushed aside kind of defeats the point and makes you look more like those you are attacking.

  7. Y'know, your end "if you enjoyed this segment" clip is really long. I try to let it play because I know finishing a video to the end really helps you "algorithmically", but sometimes I'm done going through comments after and it's still playing. I'd suggest cutting that down to a minute or so (not that they haven't probably completely blacklisted you already, but…)

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