Biden’s Brain No Work.


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  1. What do you know about our Election system. If it's not fix n those dominion machines out we're going to continue losing elections legally because they're using illegal and rigged equipment. And we all know Obama's running the show along with pelosi and Schumer and a few others I could name.

  2. I think they should put a max and a minimum age to be in any seat of power, that way one has experienced some things and kinda knows how society works and aren't too old to not know how the current generations live and how the situation is for housing and the job market.

  3. “When a person with Alzheimer's or other dementia hallucinates, he or she may see, hear, smell, taste or feel something that isn't there. Some hallucinations may be frightening, while others may involve ordinary visions of people, situations or objects from the past.”

    So, when he stands there talking to a flag or shaking hands with a ghost, these are likely hallucinations. This is ok if you have a lemonade stand, but IT IS NOT OK IF YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! It’s absolutely beyond me how the left does not see this!

  4. Any president that would abandon American citizens to terrorists deserves all the mockery one can give….
    233 days and counting and no rescue attempt….
    This traitor needs removed from office…

  5. Biden is in the later stages of severe debilitating
    mental disorder known as LIBERALISM.. He'll
    just keep going down hill until he's put into a secure
    room in soft clothes, drooling on himself and mumbling..
    "But, I'm the President.." over and over all day long…..

  6. A larger question is… who buys Jill's dresses… and from where? I miss Melania. All Class left the WH on January 20,2020. Adulterous Jill, is a hot mess.

  7. 100 days and you cannot build your own gun Anymore. Cover that maybe instead of fluff and filler. Liberal hive mind was good but now your part of the problem. You don’t open any eyes anymore and you cover news that’s not even news. Unsubed😑

  8. Biden was purposely put in this position to be the fall guy for all the damage that the evil NWO is inflicting on this country. They want us to focus on him and his ridiculous, corrupt actions, when the people pulling his puppet strings are who we should be focusing on and stopping

  9. Me personally I appreciate what you're doing! If I remember correctly oh, you were a card-carrying Democrat a while back! I don't know what made you see the light, I like your channel your insightful you cover both sides of the tracks! Give us a pretty good idea what the hell is going on in Washington, with our fearless leader!! Please sir keep it up! Ignore what the crazies are saying!! But I guess you already do that!! Let's go Brandon!!

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