Biden’s CATASTROPHIC Call For Regime Change In Russia | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar go through all of President Biden’s comments about Russian President Putin and the war in Ukraine including an unscripted demand for regime change and other alarming remarks

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Tobias Deml:

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  1. For those of you who view the world as a series of independent occurrences, think of the literature word – picaresque , here’s is a news flash . We have always lived with the threats of atomic war . Putin is just saying the quiet part out loud . If you had any idea how many times we almost had accident nuclear war , you’d probably won’t believe it . We have lost nukes , have had nuke ( unarmed ) accidents in the US . We were under threat of atomics being used on 2/23 / 22 and before . Lucky for us , Putin is not suicidal, and the balance of power is working. This war is an infant by European terms . Yes Biden was wrong to say this but it’s nothing compared to the quiet part out loud stuff Putin says. Young people think everything just happened yesterday .
    JFK took us right to the edge, The Korean War was close but the other guys had the bomb by then . And don’t for China in general . The only reason Mao didn’t take Taiwan was cause he didn’t have the bomb. The only reason Stalin left Iran was he didn’t have the bomb . We are back to the Cold War . We lived under threat of nuclear war every damn day . Support out president by shutting the F up . Don’t let the reds think we are divided, it’s more dangerous then you think . Putin must fear us .

  2. Biden is Senile, which Sagaar and Krystal have both alluded to indirectly, many times. But when did Sagaar express similar reservations when we had narcisstic imbecile at the helm B4 Biden whose ego was the only thing that mattered all 4 yrs, more than lives, more than peace, more than ANYTHING? The Rights inability for self reflection never ceases to amaze me.

  3. This doddering old fool is going to dodder us into nuclear WW III.

    And let's be honest; regime change in Russia has been our policy for over 15 years; Biden just said the quiet part out loud. And the Russians know this. That's why we did nothing to prevent this war, and are doing everything we can to keep it going as long as possible while waging a PR campaign that is reminiscent of the Iraq invasion, only on steroids. And shame on you Krystal for pretending that is not the intent because I expect better from you two. Otherwise, we can just watch MSM.

  4. Follow the money. US military industrial complex is benefiting tremendously from this conflict. Raytheon stocks have been doing very well. Secondly, we are shipping LNG to European nations now making them more reliant on the US than on Russia. Do you know that we are now the world's biggest exporter of LNG? Thirdly, EU countries are now paying their fair dues to NATO. Trump couldn't get them to do that but Biden did. So why would Biden want to end the war? It is no wonder that Biden refused to consider even a single security concern from Moscow before the invasion. Replacing Putin with a US-controlled puppet would be the expected regime change plan.

  5. They talk about Trump’s rhetoric, but this stuff is just as bad if not worse. Trump provoked North Korea… but Biden is provoking Russia, big difference.

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