Biden’s CATASTROPHIC Polling Spells Doom For Midterms

Krystal and Saagar look at the newest polling showing Biden’s approval rating decreasing to catastrophic levels which could spell doom for Democrats in the midterms

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  1. When the polls were saying Biden was supposed to win Florida by double digit numbers and lost, you can't trust the polls at all and the media goes along with them because 90% of the media is democrat led. it's corrupt AF. In Pennsylvania, the government closed Philadelphia poll counting locations the night of the election….. no funny business was done there. People physically touching someone else's vote is unacceptable going forward, such bullshit.

  2. If you run around the country promising to make changes and humping The squad trying to make their good vibes to rub off on you, and then immediately turn your back on everything when your elected people will notice. Surprisingly few people, but quite a few.

  3. Krystal. You do realize that most of these policies in the rec bill are from Bernie. Signs of pure socialism. IRS bank account targeting is a Sander mandate, pure communism. And you support this guy?

  4. You compare Trumps approval but dont factor the fact that every news outlet except for on ewas against him. Even you guys clearly are biased against him. He was problematic personnel but his policies were top notch.

  5. Using the 2027 calculations, after the tax cuts expired, Democrats often would say the 2017 tax bill gave the top 1 percent 83% of the benefits –
    a claim that earned Three Pinocchios.
    ONLY THREE?!?!?!?
    How many times a DNC person REPEAT THAT LIE???
    Yep, they students of Joseph Goebbeles

  6. Biden needs to be COURT MARSHALLED as Commander and Chief for leaving AMERICANS BEHIND. Biden and his ENTIRE Obama Administration needs to be IMPEACHED for TREASON for the invasion at OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!

  7. Biden hasn't come through on anything he was elected on on that alone he should never be re-elected. At least Trump came through with a whole bunch of the things he said he was going to do. And fighting continues to do the horrible things Trump implemented because they sound good to Biden and his dinosaur ways of thanking, for instance who's View cannabis is bad let's double down and give people double the sentences on cannabis arrest. A completely non-violent nine victim crime except for the poor guy getting arrested and having to go through the court systems if you're poor black or coloured you're looking at three to five times what a well-off white person is. Cannabis is a medical plant. But Biden keeps trying to say it's some kind of Devil Weed. It has saved my life twice 1st and Madison is the only thing that works on my Crohn's disease and then second I'm fascinated by the way it grows it gives me something to do with all my free time which is disabled all day all night for the most part. It's harder and longer than a full-time job, growing medical cannabis

  8. They don't know what's in it because they would hate the bill even more. All the pork stuffed in there is for the fat cat donors and the ridiculous spikw in debt and inflation it would cause. By the way Obama Care sucks! It is an expensive disaster. Maybe the poorest of the poor got minimal coverage but everyone else got a massive hike in rates.

  9. As the ruling-class is the 25% most wealth, as they keep the 50% working-poor so enslaved by poverty that they refuse to vote, this deceitful show is able to fool the gullible into thinking that god public opinion is what determines all elections.

  10. This country is so full of fools that it’s a wonder we never voted an orange skinned, real estate mogul/reality tv star. Guess we will have to disprove of the old man with a past speech impediment…

  11. The American political system is designed to consistently fail to deliver the greater good for average people. Get used to it. Designed in the 18th century by slave holding elites for the most part.

  12. I approved of Biden at first but I don't like placing COVID restrictions on vaccinated people and I'm strongly against forcing all kids to get the vaccine because I read a study where it seemed like the odds of vaccine giving kids myocarditis were much higher than the odds of the kid dying from COVID. I don't want to vote republican in the next election but its seeming more and more like democrats will never let me return to normal life and I have no choice. LETS GO BRANDON LETS GO.

  13. Do nothing Dems don't deserve anyone's vote. Didn't even bother to get rid of the filibuster so they might be able to pass something. It is all just theater to distract the American people as they give away everything to the rich.. Dems and Reps are both the same. Bought and paid for by big business. Vote for Dems because they are the lessor of 3 evils doesn't work anymore. I will be voting for Andrew Yangs Forward Party going forward.

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