Biden’s Cross Dressing Staffer Is Mad a Child Trafficking Site Is Busted


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  1. There was a NC State Senator that was gay. That by itself wasn't a big deal. He liked them young. He used his law practice to get these young boys. Around the DAs office, they sarcastically referred to these young boys as his yard boys. It was an open secret.
    As a law enforcement officer in that municipality I tried to catch him red handed so I could charge him. I had statements of his victims. Every time we arrested these underage boys they would brag to us that they would beat us back to town. They bragged that all they had to do is an oral favor or other sexual things for this lawyer/Senator and he would get them out of the criminal trouble they were in. We used to tell them, it was not anything to brag about, but they bragged every time.

  2. Also, rent-boy used to be a term for simply a male prostitute. Not underage, just male.

    Doesn't surprise me at all that they co-opted the term and turned it even more degenerate than it already was.

  3. messages to the world cannot be made with this Sam Brinton left beaten in a DC gutter. This is a manifestation of your tax dollars hard at work, the same which fueled Maplethorpe artworks decades ago, and still none listen.

  4. Is he going to get rid of the Nuclear Waste in North St Louis leaking into the water & killing citizens & pets by all types of cancer!! The Majority Stock Holder of the Waste Management Company in charge of the Toxic ☢️ Waste is BILL GATES!!
    The Obama Biden Regime FDA PROMISED to clean it up. They never did!

  5. You keep saying "arrest these people". Ummm they're in power! If it were up to me, they'd be in front of a firing squad or hanging in a public square. But who's gonna arrest them? Seriously…

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