Biden’s DANGEROUS Foreign Policy On Ukraine, Saudi Arabia | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the foreign policy decisions being made by the Biden administration to address the growing tensions in Ukraine and America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia

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  1. 1. Afghanistan has nothing to do with Ukraine situation. Nobody expects `nation building` in Ukraine. 2. Putin does not only wants to prevent NATO bases in Ukraine, he wants to control everything in Ukraine. And one of the most important goal that he has is not to allow Ukraine to be better off than Russia. God forbid for Russians to see that their neighbors are doing better economically then they do in Russia.
    3. Putin is liked by Russians not because he is a good president, its because he has a very efficient propaganda machine.
    4. US and UK actually guaranteed Ukraine's territorial integrity in the 90's in exchange for Ukraine giving way soviet nukes. Obviously US did not deliver on that promise.
    5. US did fail in Afghanistan and in many other places but at the same time US protectorate over Europe allowed many countries there, especially in Eastern Europe, to grow economically in peace without the need to constantly deal with threat from Russia.

  2. the thing is Saagar…
    the US and other western 'powers' gave solid concrete guarantees of their territorial integrity for releasing their nuclear weapons arsenal…
    now taking this recent ingressions to Crimea and other territories… what is your argument for Poland to not pursuit their ow nuclear deterrent?
    this is a classic 'goes fine as it is'… the point of your view depends on the places where you sit….
    forgo Ukraine at your own peril…

    China is waiting… sic.

  3. Military operation carried out in Libya wasn't such blunder as Saagar is trying to portray. It was UN sanctioned operation with clear goals to take out Kaddafies army massacring civilians. It didn't force whole Libyia to sing Khubaya in unison, but it kept shit to shoe level. That's how it should work get UN's approval, prevent the worst, get out and leave that to local forces to sort the rest out. Later part takes years so what!? And for comparison conflict in Libya is much smaller than that of Donbas Ukraine.

  4. Totally agree on the embargo stuff. That policy has never made sense to me in any country. You've got to show support to everyday folks because the people in power are not starving and have hot water and electricity, and you're just weakening the population while reinforcing the 'us against them' propaganda that is drummed into them. You've got to provide hope and support the population and genuine subversion.

  5. Whether we put troops on the ground or not should be up to Congress. Put it up to a vote and declare War on Russia. But I doubt the American people have an appetite for that. But the fact is since Ukraine isn't part of NATO any troops on the ground should be approved by Congress.

  6. The Saudi issue is Saudi controls OPEC and Biden is getting killed on gas prices. He has no choice but to give in or get killed in polls because most Americans don't understand the connection between us sending military support and Saudi using production controls to dictate gas prices….

  7. Oh guy's love ya, but got so much stuff wrong in this one. Bottom line is there is no way Biden would sanction direct confrontation with nuclear power. But negotiations are still on going and it would be stupid to rule out anything.

    What Putin want is to find out what it would cost him if he was "forced" to invade Ukraine and Russian diplomacy is trying to get some written guaranties that West won't intervene on behalf of Ukraine and let them on their own. Mentioning NATO is just catchphrase for domestic audience. They hope that they will be able to "win" Ukraine back somehow just if US and EU keep their hands off. Ukraine is not only key piece Russian Federation needs to reinstate it's self as global power, but Ukraine is also on paper nuclear capable and has lot of experience building rockets. So if Ukraine is left on it's own they will have no choice try to deter Russia on their own. Moscow is just few hundred miles away…

    The hope is that Russian top floors got it all wrong. That they still believe that Maidan and everything what followed is orchestrated by US State Dept. That they can win Ukraine back by applying pressures and install puppet government again. If not I guess there will be full scale invasion this January.

  8. Man, I generally agree with Breaking Points on Afghanistan, but sometimes Krystal is just ignorant. Life for the vast majority of Afghanistan was far better when we were there. It's just that eventually that became beside the point. We had done as much as we could do. But saying that life wasn't better is dumb as fuck

  9. Sell weapon to Ukraine. Have Special Forces on the ground training their military.
    If Russia does invade stay out of it .
    A insurgent campaign would serve the Ukrainians better than just a stand up fight against Russia. Russia has a garbage economy and would not be able to pay for a occupation.

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