Biden’s Economic Advisor COMPLETELY Ignores Basic Economics

Biden economic advisor Daleep Singh claims increasing U.S. oil supply would have NO impact on price…HAHAHA.

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  1. I was in Lybia in 1999. Car oil and car fuel were abundant there, and so almost for free. While at home, it was quite expensive. An oil net exporter has certain privileges over his product for his own people.

  2. Schwabs (dr evil) plan for the great reset is going full speed ahead, as everyone knows there's only one way to stop tyranny like this and it isn't through protests

  3. No, wait. He is right. The price of oil IS actually set globally. But not by Putin. It's set by the scumbags in Davos, and they're trying to raise prices in order to get us all to give up our freedom of movement. I cannot remember the last time when the price of gas went down. Maybe it happened in the US, cause you guys got lucky with Trump, but not in Europe. This present conflict was just one more reason to massively inflate gas prices. And they will NEVER go back down.

  4. Well that's funny all this happened under Biden …we never had a fuel crisis or supply chain issue or a globle shortage demand or a price issue under Trump ….So what changed it all …Potato head of course….🥵.

  5. Just like I pointed out when Jen Psaki used that exact same line. "A pipeline doesn't produce more oil, it's on an oil field" how would you go about increasing flow from a milkshake. More straws or more milkshake?

  6. Every negative comment about Putin by these simpletons operating in Fantasy Land gives rise to admiration & respect for Putin. They’re playbook is exposed so clearly Vlad is on the March toward something universally productive.

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