Biden’s Economy Is A Total Disaster, September Job Report APOCALYPTICLY Bad, Off By Over 300k

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  1. "But the GDP is growing"

    Its growth only on paper that isn't reflected in reality. The US has a paper economy and the only reason it rises this year at all is because the fed keeps pumping money into it to keep investors happy.

  2. I've haven't seen any product/food shortage in Central Ohio. Wood went through the roof for a minute then it came back down. There is however a huge worker shortage in central Ohio. I see people that get treated like shit at their current employment and I tell them to open their eyes. Everyone is hiring! You want to stay in entry level quit your shitty job today you'll have a new job tomorrow. You want to get into skilled labor companies will pay you what you're making now to teach you and in 5 years you'll be making the big bucks!

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  4. The reason: INTERNET!!!
    Back in the day if u were unemployed u were kinda isolated. So ur work was not only for money, it was also social.
    But today u have ur social life on the internet.

  5. How is anyone surprised at a 3/4 full shopping cart being $700 once you get to the register? How are you not adding it up in your head as you’re picking out the groceries and looking at the prices? Are shopping with a blindfold?

  6. Ya know, if there is one thing I cannot stand, it is Tim telling everyone to move into the country and start farming lol. Yeah. Let me just do that. Let me just buy acreage, a home on it, a well system, a chicken city, guns, and spend $700 dollars at the grocery store. How can you be so intelligent, yet so separated from reality. I make $24 an hour and work 40 hours a week. Between the economy, my car payment, rent and responsibilities, I'm breaking even. Stop telling everyone to "simply move into the country and be self sustainable" like gtfo bro. I don't personally know anyone who could "just do it".

  7. We seem to have been luck at the store I work at. However I was talking to the truck drivers that deliver fresh fruit and they told us about dozens of stores they deliver to that are partly empty and don’t even have the stuff that we do.

    Our meat has skyrocketed. I think we’ve thrown away more meat than ever before. We are ordering less meat because people can’t afford it. It’s not a huge amount difference but it a growing trend around the entire store.

    For the last month our container supplies haven’t came and some of our bread dough hasn’t came either. I bake some days and haven’t seen proper packages in about 5 weeks we have been using cake packages for cinnamon roles and breakfast items. The packages are to big for the items in them. It’s getting insane. I’m in central Indiana

  8. It's hilarious that the Atlantic is complaining about running out of things. They, spent all of Trump's term complaining about him. Well, he's gone now. They got what they wanted. Shut up and live with it.

  9. Look at it another way:
    Crypto and land prices are staying the same value, food is going up, and the value of the dollar is plummeting.
    If you look at crypto as being the stable price, that’s how fast the value of the dollar is dropping.

  10. U may have some bad people working for you. You should have no shortage of works. I and many other have been applying for your construction jobs, with no response from your websites or adds. I’ve been applying for 6 months. I’ll keep applying till I get a response because I got nothing to lose and your show has everything to gain.

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