Bidens Economy Just Flat-out Sucks: Inflation 4.9% for August. Jobless Demographic Skew

Joblessness rises among some demographics:


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  1. NONo no Styx … My stocks go up with Inflation while people sucker into devalued currency 😄.
    So so much up 🤤📈 . . . ⬇

    Oh god I am starting to become a politician who doesn't worry about inflation. I should though😞

  2. It used to be that we were on the gold standard. We had enough gold in Firt Knox to back every paper dollar we printed. We abandoned that standard long ago. Now, "consumer confidence" has replaced the gold standard. When consumer confidence is low it destroys an economy because it devalues the dollar, leading to exponential inflation. What is ahead is going to be monstrously bad. If you haven't started being a prepper, now's a darn good time.

  3. We need a constitutional amendment that states the government can't pass a spending bill that is more than we bring in unless they get a super majority in congress. Spending bills that exceed our GDP should be reserved for emergency situations only, not a yearly tradition.

  4. Styxxx, love you to death but you and other libertarians are playing checkers while the multiculti communist are playing 3D chess. Yall culture less consumers will be standing in the ashes of our collapsed nation asking yourself what happened.

  5. There is no practical or reasonable action Biden can take that will not grate against his handler's hidden agenda. They are clearly unconcerned with the impact their policies are having on the American People. It's time to jettison Biden. Harris is awful, but the cabal will have a harder time managing her, and she will be ruled by her poll numbers.

  6. Got a job starting soon to rebuild a 120 linear ft fence with all Redwood. Before Biden it may have cost 5000$ But now during the Biden Admin, the bid is around 14000$. Yes Material for construction shot up in price like never before. We Need TRUMP Back Now. But i guess will have to live in hell until 2024. Nothing barring a miracle to get Trump, back in the White House before then.

  7. Obunga was a waste of space, his only achievement: receiving a peace prize from a group deifying an arms dealer. Biden is simply the worst chair warmer in the oval office ever. He is a bumbling, bungling , puppet of a homicidal regime.

  8. And you wonder why here in America, more and more people are talking about Civil War/Anarchy on our own soil. It's because people on average are tired of not being well off enough to take care of themselves and any family they have.
    I don't expect that inflation to go down, even if someone who bring in the money proper like Trump or better than even him comes back, however – gotta follow that money trail to see why, too.

    Just know all that extra money you're spending? It needs to be given back to the people, already – to do what we need to do with it, as we see fit when it also comes to what to want to do with it. Not going to useless bloat like TSA/NSA/FBI/CIA/Homeland Security/our already over-bloated military, for example(s).

    After all, not taking care of the actual citizens, like in this case, only encourages things like civil war/anarchy happening, someday… Things we don't need to see anytime, as cute & lovely as they are to joke & talk about and/or theorize about happening, too.

  9. Sorry, but the inflation number you are quoting is not for the U.S., it's for The Philippines, as per your archived page. Check the BLS site; the August CPI data for the U.S. is scheduled to come out next Tuesday (9/14).

  10. Fuel just went up ten cents a gallon from Monday to Tuesday where I live. That sucks and the dumbacrats can all go jump in a lake after duct taping two bags of tube sand to themselves.

  11. It never ceases to make me laugh watching democrats struggle. They are the very thing they claim to fight against and the only thing stopping them from self termination over the moral quandary is that they don't have any morals.

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