Biden’s Employer Mandate REINSTATED By Appeals Court; Mask Mandate Extended; More Coming

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  1. Why didn’t more doctors push back against the federal governments edicts over the past 2 years? We sat down with Dr. Richard Amerling, and discussed how the “Evidence Based Medicine” movement worked to enslave America’s doctors, stripped them of autonomy, and centralized the practice of medicine such that government officials essentially dictate what doctors can do using edicts and guidelines. Watch it here 👉

  2. The only reason for the masks is to conceal the identities of rioting libtards during the coming midterm elections. The Deep State is losing. Badly. They're desperate. They're going to be prosecuted for treason, every one of them.

  3. What's next, they going to mandate shots for every thing that could be transmisible? If masks worked, nobody would test positive after 2+ years. As far as Fauci is concerned, nobody has to follow what one crooked dude decides is best for our health. Also, what testing are they using, the PCR? You know, the one that Dr. Mullis, who made it, stated it is not to be used for diagnosing illness, before his untimely death in August of 2019. (Its actually used for DNA identification and he won a high level award for it.) Sorry, Joe, we aren't doing it. The first 3 didn't work for the ones who took it, so what sense does it make to get more? Regardless that they changed the definition of vaccine to accommodate this shot, the evidence from coroners, shown on multiple videos, indicate clearly that there are long rubbery fibrous type "things" in the vaxxed that does not show up in any of the unvaxxed death bodies, and the actual FDA statistics of deaths and adverse reactions, make these mandates illegal. Exactly how many people have survived the past 2+ years of this madness? If you want it, get it. If you don't, don't. Body integrity is a personal choice. Forcing a drug of any kind into anybody is illegal. Especially one that is proven by the statistics of the medical fields own data that can harm and kill you.

  4. Refuse at all cost. This is strictly a political cause because they know at this point they are going to get their asses absolutely whooped in the upcoming elections because they are doing a terrible job. My guess is they want to get us back to a point where they can justify using absentee ballots, thus making it easier to cheat just like the 2020 election. They are corrupt and they will lie, cheat and steal to secure power. Tyrant's is what they are.

  5. I am from Canada, and Nov 2022 can not come fast enough.
    I pray that all comes to fruition, and we see the biggest cultural shift to the right that anybody has ever seen.
    God bless all Patriots.

  6. Just like every other video you see with info you may need, or the government. If you want to be let in on it. Join,pay or obligate yourself to something.At some point doing or saying something that benefits your fellow man would be done just for that. Greed is the way of the world. Governments instead of working for its citizens,is dedicated to making money and gaining power for themselves. Medical industry has adopted the, There isn’t money in cures, philosophy. And sheeple fall in line

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