Biden’s Foreign Policy Collapsing! (& More)

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  1. America is the God Father of all corrupt governments. All corrupt leaders in all countries are America's puppets, like Sadam Hussain. The corrupt killer, Democratic system is beyond corrupt, greedy, disgusting, Capitalists electoral system is as corrupt as all the killer's sitting in government, dirty, bloody, filthy war money runs the elections and then the country.

  2. So called civilized countries governments are Satan's puppets, who destroy and slaughter all human beings, spread corruption and evil, anti human buissenesses all over the world, and for those buissenesses, Satan worshipper's are given political power in countries.

  3. The Greedy, psychopathics controlling the world with the war,weapon's, bloody system have made such a mess of the world and humanity, and are still doing it, that maybe the end of the world isn't such a bad idea. Let it burn in the Hell that has been created by Greed.

  4. Hey I'm from the Caribbean and that paying Back France has kept hati in poverty but if you look deeper The UK did nthe. Same to. Her colonies as well. They just did it More discretely

  5. I live on the west coast, burned out twice. The logging trucks ran 24 hours a day cutting down healthy trees, because they were singed on the outside a bit. just another excuse to take down more trees. Plus it gets people off grid. And more fires are burning in the South. Yeh, it's those pesky messy forests, except many fires are right down town, no forest around. Now they're in the desert. NO one is paying attention, as usual!

  6. Trump sent Saudi Arabia about 20 Billion each year he was in office. We support Israel and Saudi Arabia, two the the most evil countries, besides us. This is the first time the US has been under such scrutiny, since computers, that is. The RULERS can't get away with the same old stuff.

  7. Human – colored man. Adding the prefix to the word “man“, his coloring of the law. Nobody cares about humans, nobody ever will. There is a book called “the new human rights movement“. Because the first human rights movement was a smashing success. It is important to say “all women and men have rights“. Anything less is mindless pontificating. Why does the left always lose? Because they use the lexicon given to them by those who wish to deceive.

  8. Overlooking the presence of Victoria Nuland in another Administration, seems destined to indicate the presence of Wall Street in Politics….
    She was around for the Iraq disaster as well…..

  9. Hey Lee. Love you, mean it, but if you don't begin to make your points faster instead of dragging out your points, especially when you appear with Ellenor, people will go elsewhere.

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