Biden’s Great Leap Forward

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  1. The question is, if all "families" are like this – being unable to support themselves and dependent on government handouts through all their life – then who is actually going to pay for all that?

  2. "The rich pay plenty in tax" – I uh, I have to disagree with that one because the richest entities in the US don't pay nearly their share in taxes. They're called Corporations, and they get to just write it all off if it's coming out of certain areas because "Oh well, we're expanding our business, but we expect the government to give us the ability to not pay for certain things other businesses would have to because we're so huge we can make those demands. Give us tax write offs or you can kiss all those sweet precious minimum wage jobs we were going to bring you good-bye."

    Speaking purely as a capitalist, if your business can't expand or isn't willing to expand without needing significant aid from the government, then it shouldn't be fucking expanding, full stop. If I owned a game shop, and wanted to open a second one across town, I wouldn't expect the government of the city to give me a break on taxes until I can get that shop to be profitable. I'd do my fucking homework finding out the best area to open the shop, make sure I had enough saved up in profits to sustain the second shop while it's getting itself established, and THEN open the new shop. It's high fucking time Amazon and Wal-Mart started getting held to the same rules they want to use to kill small businesses.

  3. 9:48 I've made this point before, but it bears repeating: governments do not treat us like children. They actually treat us way worse.

    A child, whilst they do not have a say in decisions that a grown-up might have, does get something that more than makes up for it: unconditional love from mummy and daddy. The goverment in these instances may be acting more and more parental in one sense of the word, but it does not in fact love you like a parent.

  4. $450,000 for every family that hopped the border during Trump's term…my pops worked away his entire life in this country and has never had that kinda money, nor have I.
    "The American dream".

  5. As one from the U.S. I would say it's gone from a government "of the people, by the people, for the people" to "of the elites, by the algorithms, for the wealthy".
    Tis a touch of bs really, if I don't say so myself.

  6. This sounds exactly like one of the woke goals, abolishing the family structure. Children are put to day care as 3 years old, where they are taught to be good little pioneers according to the Critical Pedacogy. Sounds like Mao's China to me…

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