Bidens Lawless DOJ Continues to Persecute Project Veritas Over Ashley Bidens Diary

Her diary is now understood to be real, which explains the admins’ reckless and illegal actions in an attempt to hush the story up considering the diary contents implicate Joe himself as a creepy old man:

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  1. I always keep autoplay turned off. Every time I watch one of Styx's videos, YouTube tries to start playing a Tucker Carlson video, with autoplay mysteriously reactivated.

  2. When All HR Depts have been taken over by Feninazis; U can’t get a city/county/ then state job… you only hire “your people” eventually even the DOJ falls. Coffee smells 👍 good. Wake up it already happened

  3. Just for the sake of accuracy some of the allusions to events in this video pertaining to both the specific accusations against PV (that they personally stole the item) and the circumstances of the initial acquisition of the item (a break in at the item owner's house) are wildly inaccurate. I don't think the intention was to mislead, but anyone who may be uninformed on the details, after watching this video would certainly be misinformed.

  4. I don't believe in Q. I do however believe in James O'Keefe and think it's hilarious that he keeps getting paid in these libel cases, and they keep saying and writing lies about him lol, they never learn.

  5. Slander, False Accusation, Witch Hunts, Intimidation, and Overt Breaches of the Constitution are just another day in the Democratic work day… Most groups use Focus Groups to see if an idea floats or not… I'm thinking the Dems use Hate Groups and ask them "how would you destroy your opposition".

  6. Styx what do you think of the US bill targeting El Salvadoran Bitcoin?
    I…. I can't help but feel our country is driving our international relationships into the fucking ground at this rate.
    I'm … I'm seriously considering becoming an expat to distance myself from this trash fire….
    Cuz I don't think the world is gonna be quite so fond of America in the near future.

  7. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can save us from the terrible coming to this world! We are in this together! Pray that your worthy to escape the coming judgements and build a firm relationship and repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

  8. Didn't one of Biden's staff members recently accuse him of fingering her in the early nineties, resulting in the effective death of the Me Too movement (because we certainly can't believe all women if one of them is making such an outrageous claim against the Dems. heir apparent).

  9. Maybe Joe is actually worse than his son and said son medicates with narcotics as a result. Keep in mind Corey Haim died of a drug overdose. Him and Corey Feldman were preyed upon in Hollywood and there is video of both talking to each other with Haim getting heated regarding a particular account.

    Along these lines, I think Robert Downey Jr. spoke of using drugs in the past because of sexual issues in his past many years ago.

    So maybe Hunter is less of a degenerate.

  10. This is probably the worst tyranny ever in history. Politicians are openly corrupt and treating the regular people like slaves. I am outta here as soon as I can get outta here

  11. Lets face facts the DoJ has been a criminal gang of socialist lawyers for 10s of years.
    The director is appointed by the president, oked by the congress.
    The rest are quota hire civilian federal service bureaucrats.
    None are elected.

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