Bidens’ Lead has Almost Entirely Evaporated, Trump Approval Spikes



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  1. How many times do Dems have to tell us they don't care about election, they are planning on cheating? Nancy said Trump leaving whether he wants to or not. Hillary told Joe not to concede under any circumstances. Now. Bloomberg data firm said even if Trump wins in a landslide on election night, he will lose with mail in voting after election.

  2. @Styxhexenhammer666 Why does it seem that when Trump polls near parallel with Biden that cable news publishes polls within 48 hours that attempt to contradict that lead? That just happened as of today. I would love your take on this phenomenon.

  3. The polls are bull shit. Biden's lead? WTF? There was ONE person greeting him in Kenosha. ANTIFA and BLM look like they may have some numbers, but they ship them all over the US. Enjoy the show. I would love to know the results of an authentic poll. Staggering, I'd wager.

  4. I'm one of the converts who is looking at Trump favorable (never thought I would). Stupid question: if Biden is a weak DNC front runner and his VP pick Harris is the highlight for the presidential pick up if anything happens to Biden, then why wasn't Harris chosen to be the front runner for president to begin with instead of all the roundabout faff?

  5. When Starbucks is gone or burned down due to the rioting… you'll see a big swoop of votes for Trump… They may hate Trump… but they gotta have their Starbucks!

  6. Biden has never had a lead. If you believe Biden or Hillary ever had a chance then you're stupider than the Democratic party who at least understand that, they don't now, nor have they ever had an icebergs chance in hell.

  7. I'm watching this video late so excuse me if someone has already made this point. I've seen lots of Trump signs here in mASSachusetts but as the saying goes "signs don't vote" although the people who have them up do. I hear quite a few people in my city which is one of the bigger cities in mASSachusetts (including police and Firefighters) saying they're for Trump and most of the suburban and rural areas are where you see the signs but in the most recent primary Ed "$h!t fo® b®a!n$" Markey beat out a Kennedy and Markey is/was far more left than Kennedy (that's debatable) and he (Markey) is a big supporter of the "green new scam" so its almost impossible to interpret politics here in the state of "were as blue as Liz Warren's husband's ba!!$" yet the state regularly votes in republican governors although they're always RINO's. One things for sure, Trump WILL NOT get our electoral votes even though the majority of the 2016 presidential election map of mASSachusetts was red with the exception of the big $h!ti€$ …